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WikiProject Report: Women in Religion

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Community Engagement, Diversity & Inclusion, Research, Technology


The Women in Religion WikiProject was founded in 2018, with three significant goals: to increase the content about women in religion on Wikipedia; to train others interested in learning how to edit and contribute to Wikipedia and Wikidata; and to create reliable, secondary sources about women in religion. To that end, we have been involved in several impactful projects; most recently, the publication of three monographs of biographies about notable women in religion (with a fourth currently in the planning stage) and experimentations with AI to assist editors in using that technology to increase content about underrepresented people and topics on Wikipedia. We also have monthly zoom planning sessions and editathons. This panel will report on our projects and the signficant contributions we've made to Wikipedia and to Wikidata. Websites: WikiProject (, Usergroup (

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Christine Meyer, Colleen Hartung, Rosalind Hinton, Win Whelan, Clifford Anderson, others

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45 minutes

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Livestreaming is okay

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Yes, Wikimania, religious conferences

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