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{{{full name}}}
{{{job title}}}
{{{short quote}}}

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This header template has a user_talk page variant formatted in a matching style, available at w:en:Template:User info talk. On a mobile device, the columns are ignored and text is reflowed into sections stacked vertically.

To use this template, copy and paste the text below into your user page.

{{user info
| full name     = 
| image name    = 
| hover text    = 
| job title     =
| organization  = 
| short quote   = 
| about me      = 
| about my work = 
| contact me    =
| disclaimer    = 
| c1            = 
| c2            =
| c3            =
  • The "organization" parameter can also be called as "company".
  • To include an image, put the name of the file where it says "image name", excluding the word "file" from the front. Example: | image name = BobaFett.jpg
  • Add your languages in standard format. Example: {{#babel:la-N|en-3}}.
  • The "hover text" parameter is for the little pop-up text that comes up when your mouse hovers over the image.
  • Default header bar colours are the Wikimedia Foundation 'Agora' colour palette.


This is the TemplateData documentation for this template used by VisualEditor and other tools; see the monthly parameter usage report for this template.

TemplateData for User info

<templatedata> { "description": "", "params": { "full name": { "label": "Full name", "description": "Your full name, like \"John Smith\" or \"Samantha Jones\".", "type": "string" }, "job title": { "label": "Position", "description": "The position or job title you wish to show you have, if any", "type": "string" }, "organization": { "aliases": [ "company" ], "label": "Organisation", "description": "The organisation to which your \"position\" refers, if any. If you work for the Wikimedia Foundation, this should be exactly \"Wikimedia Foundation\". This will be shown after your position.", "type": "string" }, "short quote": { "label": "Quote", "description": "A short quote that you'd like to show that represents how you feel", "type": "string" }, "image name": { "label": "Image", "description": "The name of a file that you'd like to show about you, normally a photo of you like \"Example.jpg\"", "type": "string/wiki-file-name" }, "hover text": { "description": "The label to show when people hover your image, or for screenreaders.", "type": "string", "label": "Image hover" }, "about me": { "description": "Some information about you and your background.", "type": "string", "label": "About me" }, "about my work": { "description": "Some details about what you do on the wikis and why.", "type": "string", "label": "About my work" }, "disclaimer": { "description": "A disclaimer about your work, if any. If your organisation is set to \"Wikimedia Foundation\", it will show the regular Foundation staff disclaimer.", "type": "string", "label": "Disclaimer" }, "contact me": { "description": "Details of how you can be contacted beyond on-wiki methods.", "type": "string", "label": "Contact me" }, "about": { "label": "About me label", "description": "Text to display instead of \"About me\" as a section header.", "type": "string" }, "work": { "label": "About my work label", "description": "Text to display instead of \"About my work\" as a section header.", "type": "string" }, "contact": { "label": "Contact me label", "description": "Text to display instead of \"Contact me\" as a section header.", "type": "string" }, "c1": { "label": "Colour 1", "description": "Colour of the first section of the header bar.", "type": "string" }, "c2": { "label": "Colour 2", "description": "Colour of the second section of the header bar.", "type": "string" }, "c3": { "label": "Colour 3", "description": "Colour of the third section of the header bar.", "type": "string" } } } </templatedata>


The master version of this template is at wmf:Template:User info. The following wikis have copies of this template: