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New Approach to Promotionalism

  1. All businessmen and professionals want a WP page is essential to their PR.
    1. This is due to the role it has in Google and the general perception that WP is important. This is not unreasonable.
  2. This increasingly gives rise to bad paid promotional editing
    1. subjects, company PR agents, outside PR firms & free-lance paid editors.
    2. Increasingly difficult to control, or remove what's already included
    3. Commercial organizations are the most conspicuous problem: straight advertising: priority
    4. Non-commercial organizations: government, universities, charities: advocacy & promotionalism, but less conspicuous
    5. Individual professional also advertise, but less conspicuous
  3. No clear boundary between full presentation of relevant data and subtle POV advertising
    1. Good faith non-promotional editors use promotional writing
  4. WP contains elements of a directory
  5. for any reasonably important business or organization a page can be justified
    1. either GNG or listed company or other fixed criterion
  6. We should ourselves prepare these, as for Geographical features, etc.
    1. contains basic directory information
    2. prepared and updated through Wikidata
  7. Further promotional editing needs to be controlled
    1. Possible mechanism: Pending changes (PC1) , Needs to be adapted , perhaps per editor / field
    2. new editors have their changes visible for editing, but not visible to the unregistered public until approved. --