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For 2021, we are considering using the conference platform called Venueless. There are technical details to figure out. An alternative is the Zoom conference platform alone.

  • Venueless gives a platform that registrants would log in to. The interface is nice. It's simple. Not every option is made plain though. We'll need to explain a bit to attendees.
  • There are a variety of text chat channels within it -- one-to-one for conference
  • In tests we were able to pipe a Streamyard video stream into Venueless. There was a delay of some seconds, which is fine. The connection involves a URL and a "token" of the RTMP kind. I did not understand more but our team was able to do it.
  • Necessary standards to pipe video between programs over the net: HLS + RTMP
  • Simultaneous interpretation?
  • Integration with Streamyard (and These offer backstage workspaces for presenters. Streamyard can pipe both to Venueless (we think) and to YouTube.
  • Integration with Zoom -- maybe just links to zoom meetings. That's enough. For safe-space purposes we want to protect links to zoom meetings/presentation spaces
  • YouTube: Venueless can play a YouTube video, or (we think) a livestream from youtube. It can't send a video to youtube live.
  • Can it record the video during an event?
  • Can we get the interface to show Spanish or English as a user preference? Can we pre-configure the language based on user preferences? These are important, and require some special configuration/development.
  • Safe space / friendly space capabilities look good. Attendees will all have registered in advance or be specifically admitted by us. Users can text to one another or pose comments/questions; admins can silence these posts or ban/exclude a user.
  • We've requested that conferences be able to offer both English and Spanish interfaces: