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<u>Stata Center, MIT</u>
<u>Stata Center, MIT</u>
*Address: Building 32, 32 Vassar Street, Cambridge MA, 02139
* Address: Building 32, 32 Vassar Street, Cambridge MA, 02139
[[File:MIT Venue for Wikiconference NA 2019 (1).pdf|thumb|]]
* [[:File:MIT venue for WikiConference NA 2019.pdf|'''Walkthrough''' of the available spaces]]
Registration will open soon and will be required for attendees.
Registration will open soon and will be required for attendees.

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This article is a draft -- help us develop it!

Boston skyline from Cambridge November 2015 panorama 1.jpg

WikiConference North America is the annual conference of Wikimedia enthusiasts and volunteers in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The 2019 conference will take place in Cambridge, Massachusetts, tentatively November 8-11. Join Wikipedia, -media, -data, and -cite enthusiasts for a long weekend of collaboration and discovary.


View of Stata Center from Vassar street
View of Stata Center from Vassar street


Stata Center, MIT

Registration will open soon and will be required for attendees.

Programs & activities

This is a draft: scheduling of the main conf + satellite events TBD.
Friday-Monday Nov 8 - 11.
Main conference
  • Keynotes, community presentations, round-table discussions, panels, and lightning talk sessions.
Main session themes to include: credibility and reliability; Flexibility, experimentation, and unreliable draft spaces; news and current events; citations and sourcing
Satellite activities
  • A hackathon, tech demos
  • Our annual Culture Crawl, a day-long event where we collaborate with local museums, libraries, cultural, and metropolitan institutions to host free backstage tours, edit-a-thons, and more. These crawls are a fantastic opportunity for conference attendees to experience the local culture, as well as collaborate with local institutions to improve Wikipedia's coverage of local topics, and to upload new images to Commons.
To be announced



To get involved, add your name below!

Partners + Sponsors

  • Credibility Coalition, Hacks/Hackers (fiscal sponsor, fundraising, logistics)
  • Craig Newmark (general support)
  • MIT KFG (campus coordination)
  • MIT Open Learning (space, A/V, inspiration)
To inquire
MIT Libraries, Wikicite, WikiEd, WMF, Wikinews User Group, WM NYC
Local sponsors: The Abbey / Lamplighter / The Athenaeum
News projects: Tribune, DeC


Our previous events had unique themes and were located in different cities: New York City (2014), Washington D.C. (2015), San Diego (2016), Montreal (2017), and Columbus, OH (2018).

WikiConference North America User Group was formed in 2016 after that year's conference. It is a recognized Affiliate by the Wikimedia Foundation. The purpose of the User Group is to assure that the experiences gained at one conference are shared with future year conference organizers. The mission of the User Group includes coordinating the planning and hosting of events under our purview. Additionally, the User Group documents best practices and shares lessons learned with other Wikimedia communities planning and hosting conferences and similar events.