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Community, Outreach
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Addis Wang
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addiswang94 @gmail
Wikimedia User Group China

Wikimedia User Group China has collaborated with "Project Babel", a volunteer translator community organized by Chinese leading online dictionary company Youdao since May 2015. This project has contributed 52 high-quality articles to the Chinese Wikipedia, translated from English Wikipedia, covering subjects from political science to medicine.

Most Wikipedia communities, unlike English Wikipedia, have a translation culture of sorts that contributes to the project by translating and enriching content from major Wikipedia projects. Translation is a relatively easier way to contribute Wikipedia, and has been adopted by many communities around the world as an effective method of outreach for new contributors.

Besides Youdao, China User Group is also developing partnerships with other companies or organizations that run the volunteer translator community, as well as translation camps for college students who study languages.

The United State has an outstanding culture of learning other languages thanks to a very diversified society, as well as most college students being required to master a second language to graduate. How can the Wikipedia community collaborate with these language learners, practicers and educators to improve other Wikipedia projects besides English Wikipedia?

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15-20 minutes
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