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Academic Peer Review option
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Alex Stinson
E-mail address
User:Sadads/User:Astinson (WMF)
Wikimedia Foundation

Outreach throughout the Wikimedia community, frequently focuses on helping partners, understand and engage with our projects, so that they may share their knowledge with the world. Working with cultural heritage organizations that collect, preserve and share information about our collective culture are frequently the best partners because they share much the same values. These kinds of partnerships are called GLAM-Wiki partnerships.

The GLAM-Wiki Community has historically been about partnerships with Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums. These partnerships, frequently focus on several major project models: a) Editathons, b) Content Donations to Wikimedia Commons and c) Wikipedian in Residence positions where Wikipedians join the organization for a window of time, to help grow their ability to work on our projects. As the Strategist in GLAM-Wiki at the Wikimedia Foundation, part of my job is evaluating the projects created by different communities that improvise on those models, or help us expand. In this presentation, I will highlight how different communities throughout the world are changing the our relationships, and point at some of the project models that could feasibly be expanded in North America, including:

The presentation is designed to introduce folks to the open ended opportunities around GLAM-Wiki, and partnerships and relationships with GLAMs. Furthermore, the focus is on connecting the kinds of outreach and project models that we work with in the United States community, within the broaders context of the international Wikimedia community.

Length of presentation
25 minutes + Q&A
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35-50 people at least (maybe more?)
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