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Due to limited space, WikiConference North America 2017 could not accommodate this submission in its program.
Please check out the Unconference for opportunities to present and share there.

Wiki Loves Monuments in the United States: Overview and Discussion
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Kevin Payravi
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Wiki Loves Monuments in the United States / Ohio Wikimedians User Group
Wiki Loves Monuments is an annual international photo competition where participants capture cultural heritage monuments and upload their photographs to the Wikimedia Commons. In 2016, Wiki Loves Monuments in the United States was brought back for the first time in several years. The results were great, both internationally and for the United States. For the United States, over 11,000 photos of U.S. sites were uploaded (6th highest) by over 1,700 contributors (virtually tied with India for 1st).
The purpose of this submission is to present on the re-emergence of Wiki Loves Monuments in the United States: how it was run, the results, and why these results occurred. In particular focus will be the change from only accepting photos of nationally recognized sites, to recognizing sites designated on state, local, and organizational levels, as well as a focus on the high number of participants. This presentation will segway into a discussion on 2016, as well as planning and thoughts for 2017.
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30 minutes
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20-30 people
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