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;Author: Yuri Astrakhan
;Author: Yuri Astrakhan
;E-mail address: <!-- This field must be entered, otherwise, submission will not be checked; you can use the email template to protect against spam: {{Email|Yuri Astrakhan|yuriastrakhan@gmail.com}} -->
;E-mail address: {{Email|yuriastrakhan|gmail.com}}
;Wikimedia username:yurik
;Wikimedia username: yurik
;Affiliation(s) (optional): none <!-- Organization, company, Wikimedia affiliate, etc. -->
;Affiliation(s) (optional): none <!-- Organization, company, Wikimedia affiliate, etc. -->

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Life beyond TEXT: maps, graphs, data, and the future of interactivity
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Yuri Astrakhan
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By the time you finish reading this, your mind will wonder to a new topic. In the age of information overload, text is simply not enough to keep one's focus, and to fully get the message across. An image on the other hand will grab more attention, will convey the point to a greater extent, and may actually convince and educate the reader. Minard's graph of Napoleon's war was probably as damaging as the actual losses - for it, in one picture, told much more than entire books.

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