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This submission has been accepted for WikiConference North America 2018.

Wikipedia Space 2.0: Community presentation and ideation
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Editor Recruitment & Retention
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Robert Fernandez
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Wikimedia District of Columbia
In 2015, the innovative Wikipedia Space project produced three sets of five large banners providing an accessible introduction to Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects. Over the last four years these banners have been on permanent display in the Innovation Hub at the US National Archives and featured at every Wikimedia DC event, numerous Wikipedia events and conferences such as WikiConference North America, and numerous non-Wikipedia professional conferences like the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions. They have been a regular feature of WMDC outreach and are regularly loaned out to other affiliates and organizations in the US for their outreach. One set is permanently with the American Chemical Society, one with Wikimedia DC for events, and on on semi-permanent loan in California for West Coast events.

Wikimedia DC has received a grant from the Wikimedia Foundation to develop a new set of Wikipedia Space banners on the following themes:

  • Wiki Commons (photography and image uploads for new volunteers)
  • Wikidata
  • Wikipedia's mission (Knowledge Equity & Knowledge as a Service)
  • Medicine (editing medical content)
  • Libraries
  • GLAM

As with the previous Wikipedia Space banners, these banners will help recruit potential new editors by providing visually engaging, easily accessible guides to adding and improving Wikimedia content in the context of ediathons and other events, academic conferences, meetings, and so forth. The banners will be designed in consultation with the designers of the original banners and partners at other US affiliates and the Wikimedia Foundation.

The purpose of the workshop will be to draw on community expertise to help develop these banners. The workshop will elicit ideas for the content of the banners and purposes for which they could be used.

Length of presentation
30-75 min. for workshops
Special requests
projector and wifi if possible (Workshop will employ shared etherpad)
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Have you presented on this topic previously? If yes, where/when?
If you will be incorporating a slidedeck during your presentation, do you agree to upload it to Commons before your session, with a CC-BY-SA 4.0 license, including suitable attribution in the slidedeck for any images used?
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