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This submission has been accepted for WikiConference North America 2023.


Improving Equity on Wikipedia


Equity / Inclusion / Community Health

Type of session:

Lightning talk


A brief overview of a new equity tool Wiki Education is developing. These pages will take advantage of Listeria, PetScan, and draw on inspiration from Women in Red to generate lists of individuals that do not yet have articles in English Wikipedia. This tool will also have Dashboard integration to encourage a broader audience to create a more diverse set of articles. Demo page:

Author name:

Will Kent

E-mail address:

Wikimedia username:

Will (Wiki Ed)

Affiliated organization(s):

Wiki Education

Estimated time:

5 minutes

Special requests:

Have you presented on this topic previously? If yes, where/when?:


Okay to livestream?

Livestreaming is okay

If your submission is not accepted, would you be open to presenting your topic in another part of the program? (e.g. lightning talk or unconference session)