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2014/"Women's Work: Female Bonding and Empowerment during Wikipedia Parties" · 2014/7th Grade wikipedia project · 2014/A Year in Residence at the Chemical Heritage Foundation · 2014/An update on U.S. software patents. · 2014/Answering Big Questions With Wikidata · 2014/Art + Feminism Edit-a-thons · 2014/Ask the Wiki Education Foundation · 2014/Bridging conversations with the Humanities · 2014/Bringing More Women to Free Software: What's Working for Us · 2014/Coaching Undergraduates to Shrink Wikipedia’s Gender Gap · 2014/Commons Photography Project Posters · 2014/Community Management 101: Building a Successful Wiki Community · 2014/Comunity Accion Service and Wikipedia · 2014/Confessions of a paid editor · 2014/Creating Wikipedia Scholars involving University Students,Graduates and Doctoral Students to Participate · 2014/Dealing with abusive admins · 2014/Digital Rights, Wikipedia, and Online Advocacy · 2014/Editing trends · 2014/Encyclopedia of Social Sciences · 2014/Ethan Cohen Fine Arts · 2014/Fit for Public Display: Rethinking Censorship via a Comparison of Chinese Wikipedia with Hudong and Baidu Baike · 2014/Forward to Libraries: Tools and data for connecting Wikipedia and local library resources · 2014/Global Economic Map: Wikidata project · 2014/Growing the Awesome in your Programs · 2014/Health Science panel · 2014/How the PR Industry Views Wikipedia · 2014/IdeaLab Workshop · 2014/If we build it, will they come? Bringing library collections to the people through Wikipedia · 2014/Image by Wikipedia · 2014/Improving Wikipedia Official Mobile Application to be Friendlier and more Functional · 2014/Language Issues and Commons · 2014/Leadership & Wikipedia · 2014/Lessons Learned in Nurturing Learning · 2014/Measuring Editor Collaborativeness With Economic Modelling · 2014/Measuring Editor Collaborativeness With Economic Modelling/Edits MS · 2014/NYCpedia: using Mediawiki with NYC's Open Data · 2014/New editors · 2014/OpenStreetMap mapping party! · 2014/Open Access Panel · 2014/Open Wiki Hackathon (help everyone enhance wiki's everywhere:) · 2014/Organizations participating in an article about them · 2014/Paid Editing Moderated Discussion · 2014/Panel: Wikipedia Campus Ambassador Program NYC · 2014/Pedagogy and new user socialization · 2014/Reconstructing the past with Mediawiki: Programmatic Issues and Solutions · 2014/Reflections on a collaborative editing assignment with 200+ students · 2014/Remixing metadata from libraries and archives with the RAMP editor · 2014/Signalling Open Access References · 2014/Social Dramas of Wikipedia · 2014/State of Wikidata · 2014/The 7 biggest mistakes the Wikipedia Education Program has made — and what we’ve learned from them · 2014/The Free Culture Trust · 2014/The Future of Libraries and Wikipedia · 2014/The Gender Gap · 2014/The Real and Potential Intersections of Open Access and Wikimedia · 2014/The Wikipedia Adventure: Play with Learning · 2014/The campus library as a center for Wikipedia activities · 2014/The current state of the BLP problem · 2014/Using Wikibooks and Wikiotics to build community-centered language courses · 2014/Using the MediaWiki web API to get (only) the data you need · 2014/Using the Memento Mediawiki Extension to Avoid Spoilers · 2014/Using web API client libraries to play with and learn from our (meta)data · 2014/Vector graphics · 2014/Video in Wikimedia · 2014/Where would I find time for it? Scalable Wikipedia editing for GLAMs · 2014/Why paid editing is a really bad idea · 2014/Why people contribute to Wikipedia · 2014/Wiki Loves Capitol Hill · 2014/Wiki Photo Trips · 2014/Wikimedia LGBT: Past, Present and Future? · 2014/Wikipedia, GLAM and Edit-athons in the Classroom: How We Did It · 2014/Wikipedia, Medicine and Language · 2014/Wikipedia-An Inclusion in the 21st-century classroom · 2014/Wikipedia Education Program: how student editors impact Wikipedia · 2014/Wikipedia and the Law · 2014/Wikipedia for Lawyers: Researching, Citing, and Contributing To Wikipedia · 2014/Wikipedia in the Era of the MOOC · 2014/Wikipedian-in-Residence at UC Berkeley · 2014/Wikipedia’s Role in Four Different Types of Librarianship · 2014/You're invited! Developing innovative models for participation · 2015/ · 2015/100wikidays · 2015/22 things you should probably not be using a wiki for · 2015/A Case Study of student engagement with a GLAM institution: Pritzker Military Museum and Library · 2015/Addressing the Gender Gap: Wiki Edu Projects for Digital Humanities · 2015/An ambitious Wikidata tutorial · 2015/Are the Obstacles Academic? · 2015/Art+Feminism 2016, planning meetup · 2015/Censorship of Wikipedia: Why it's Important and How We Fight It · 2015/Cochrane-Wikipedia Initiative · 2015/College Writing with Wikipedia · 2015/Community Health Clinic: Researching Prescriptions for healthy communities · 2015/Creative Program Design Workshop · 2015/Crowd Wisdom and Problem Solving: How can Wikimedia Engage? · 2015/Data in your wiki! · 2015/Disputed Notability - A Hands on Workshop · 2015/Edit Histories and Literary Turf Wars: Literary Scholarship and Wikipedia · 2015/Father of Internet Marketing - Speaker · 2015/Found in Translation: Comparing paid editing policies in the top Wikipedia language editions · 2015/Funding for Wikipedia projects · 2015/Fuzzy as Fuzzy St. John: The Value of Identifying, and Properly Assigning, Film Genres · 2015/GLAM-Wiki 2.0: New Opportunities for Growing GLAM-Wiki in the United States · 2015/Here comes (a significant fraction of) everybody · 2015/History of the Murder of Meredith Kercher Article · 2015/How 100wikidays Got Me Back to Being a Wikipedia Contributor · 2015/How I supercharged the bibliography of a featured article – the (mostly) pros and (a few) cons of Worldcat and the OCLC · 2015/How to design a distance-learning proposal about Wikipedia · 2015/How we organized a 1500 person meetup (and you could too) · 2015/Interaction with article-subjects · 2015/Introduction to MediaWiki Customizations · 2015/Journalism and the online information community · 2015/Laws in Wikipedia · 2015/Learn from competitor: Outreach strategy of Baidu Baike · 2015/Legal solutions to online harassment · 2015/Lesson Plans for web-based projects · 2015/Lessons From Wikipedia Governance · 2015/Making 2016 the Wikipedia Year of Science · 2015/MediaWiki Install Demo · 2015/Metadata in the Commons · 2015/Movements on Wikipedia: Dance, Feminism, and the Content Gap · 2015/OTRS Workshop · 2015/On the development of indicators of gender for use in research on gender balance in Wikipedia usage and contributions · 2015/Open biomedical knowledge: Wikipedia, Wikidata, and beyond · 2015/Recent Gadgets changes and how to fix yours · 2015/Reimagining the article submission process · 2015/Report from the GLAM-Wiki US Consortium · 2015/Revscoring: AI support for Wikipedians · 2015/Teaching Research & Critical Thinking Skills Through Wikipedia · 2015/The Non-US Panel (or Americans in the global Wikimedia movement) · 2015/The Wiki Education Foundation in a Flash · 2015/The Wikipedia Book Collector as a Tool for Educators · 2015/The socially driven logical prover · 2015/There were no results matching your query... or were there? Reducing the zero results rate for search on Wikipedia. · 2015/Thinking (and contributing) outside the editing box: Alternative ways to engage subject-matter experts · 2015/Thinking (and contributing) outside the editing box: Alternative ways to engage subject-matter experts/Notes · 2015/Translation in Wikipedia: Reorganized chaos? · 2015/Tread lightly: Editing with a COI · 2015/Type:Presentation. Theme: Outreach. Title: "AfroCROWD - Bridging the Multicultural Gap" · 2015/Understanding International Relations through Wikipedia · 2015/Vandalism · 2015/Vegetation Wants To Be Free: Liberating the USDA's Pomological Watercolor Collection · 2015/Video in Wikimedia: Today and Tomorrow · 2015/Where in the World is Wikipedia: A Look at the Geographic Distribution Audited Content on the English WIkipedia · 2015/Why MediaWiki's skins suck and we will never have anything nice · 2015/Why Wikipedia Works for Us: an Exploration of Innovation at the National Archives · 2015/Why Wikipedia is the best resource for high schoolers - as told by a high schooler · 2015/WikiProject X · 2015/WikiWomen's User Group: next steps · 2015/Wikifying Science Fiction’s “Grand Dame” Octavia E. Butler: The LaGuardia Community College WikiProject · 2015/Wikipedia's influence on education system · 2015/Wikipedia & Quality · 2015/Wikipedia and DOTs · 2015/Wikipedia for Health Research and Data · 2015/Wikipedia in the Global Social Studies Classroom · 2015/Wiksource and Commons workshop · 2015/Women... it takes a village · 2015/Working with academic experts in a feminism distributed editing project · 2015/Your rights as an American and as a Wikipedian · 2015/ Designing new strategies to engaged GLAM partners · 2015/ Online harassment and cyber law · 2015/promotionalism vs. notability · 2016/ · 2016/"All Together Now": Support Towards Congressional Appropriation for the Flood Control Project in Orick, California by Revealing a Levee's Ethos · 2016/2016 Bridging the gap between anime and reality · 2016/A New Approach to Behavioural Rules on a Wikimedia Project: The Technical Spaces Code of Conduct · 2016/A Review of the First Year: Wikipedian in Residence for Gender Equity · 2016/Academia and Wikipedia: How to Bridge this Great Divide · 2016/Academia and Wikipedia: Why Bridge the Great Divide · 2016/Academics on Wikipedia · 2016/An Argument for Allowing Wiki References in College Essays · 2016/An Engineering Ecosystem · 2016/Anatomy of Communications · 2016/Anatomy of Conflict · 2016/Anatomy of a Community · 2016/Animating the ASL Wikipedia for Deaf Education · 2016/Ask Wikimedia Foundation's product leaders · 2016/Be bold and edit the map · 2016/Beginning of Cultural Change: Wikipedia’s Future Collaboration with Academic Libraries · 2016/Beyond copyright release - model release and other media rights · 2016/Beyond the basics of citation templates · 2016/Bringing Executive Coaching to Post Secondary · 2016/Building a Public History of HIV/AIDS in New York City: The Pedagogical Relationship of Wikipedia and the Archives · 2016/COI and paid editing - Broader political implications · 2016/Christ University Wikipedia in Education Program (CUWEP) · 2016/Citations needed? Brainstorming how to get academic resources to more Wikipedians through the Visiting Scholars program · 2016/Codes of conduct at in-person events · 2016/College Board Members Understanding and Using Web 2.0 · 2016/College Students and Perceptions of Authority in Wikipedia · 2016/College Writing and Wikipedia: Purposes, Audiences, and Genres · 2016/Colorado Caucus: State-wide Civics Lesson Every 2 Years Since 1914. · 2016/Commons License templates · 2016/Composition at a Crossroads: Teaching College Writing with Wikipedia · 2016/Contribution as Coursework: What role do students play on Wikipedia? · 2016/Contributions as Coursework: What roles does Wikipedia play for the students? · 2016/Creating Wikipedia mini courses for customized learning · 2016/Creating flashcards in Native American languages using images from Wikimedia Commons · 2016/DSM 2.0 · 2016/Developing Community Based Strategies for Smartphone Enabled Medicine · 2016/Developing community norms for critical bots and tools · 2016/Dial “T” for Training - Creating Effective Training Modules to Address Harassment, both Online and at Events · 2016/Driving Commercial Products with Wikidata: a case study · 2016/Drug and chemical compound items in Wikidata as a data source for Wikipedia infoboxes · 2016/Editatona: Helping close the gender gap in Wikipedia · 2016/Education and training workshop · 2016/Elucidation of the Truth, the Whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth · 2016/Encourage/Assist Citizens to Add Info about Climate Views of Elected Officials · 2016/Enhancing Collaboration in Academia through GLAM Edit-a-thons · 2016/Eureka! · 2016/Every language in the world: Wikitongues · 2016/Expanding the Inclusivity of Wikipedia's Community · 2016/Experimental interfaces for working with ZIM files · 2016/FREE SATURDAYS PRESENTS HOW THE CHURCH OF THE APOSTOLIC FAITH HAS LEFT THE BODY OF CHRIST · 2016/FailFest (Solo Version) - Rocket Cats & Knowledge Engines · 2016/GLAM program in Mexico: the benefits and challenges of collaboration with the public cultural sector · 2016/General Audience Outreach has limited outcome: Strategy of Offline Activity · 2016/Governance workshop: alternatives to bans and desysops · 2016/Grades and the Gender Gap: How Student Editors are Writing Women into Wikipedia · 2016/Guide for wiki meetups · 2016/Guide to editathons at cultural institutions · 2016/Harassment Workshop · 2016/Hardware Open Systems Technologies · 2016/Health Literacy of Wikipedia · 2016/Healthcare Ethics in Digital Age - A Professional perspective on America and India · 2016/How Machine Learning will Change the Way you Think · 2016/How MediaWiki can facilitate open-access research · 2016/How Wikimedia Communities Can Thrive by Fostering Co-Creative Networks · 2016/How Wikipedia Can Reverse the Historical Erasure of LGBT Communities · 2016/How Wikipedia can collaborate with the translator community · 2016/How can Wikipedia represent indigenous people better? · 2016/How to bring diversity to Wikidata? · 2016/How to make successful hack-a-thon · 2016/I Don't Get It: Making Your Articles Readable · 2016/Ill Doctrines of Oppression: The Blindspots of Believing in the Five Pillars · 2016/Increasing reach of Wikimedia projects via partnerships · 2016/Interactive and Searchable Wiki Equations · 2016/Internet Archive and Wikipedia collaboration: Link rot, multimedia and more · 2016/Investing in our Editors: How to Edit Templates in 15 minutes · 2016/Journalism and Wikipedia · 2016/L.O.V.E. · 2016/Libraries & Wikipedia: Better Together · 2016/Linked data in the hands of biological researchers: A model organism database powered by Wikidata · 2016/Linking a controlled subject vocabulary to Wikipedia · 2016/Making MediaWiki your own - the skins and extensions that make wikipedia wikipedia, and wikihow wikihow, and whatever whatever · 2016/Measuring the gender gap in Wikipedia · 2016/Moving forward with sign language projects in Formal SignWriting · 2016/Much Ado About Budgets, Or How to Estimate and Exhaust Grant Funds · 2016/New Frontier: Using Wikidata on Commons · 2016/Obfuscating the Problems of Biasing on Wikipedia · 2016/Of Dead Authors and Digital Natives: a critical survey of studies on Wikis as classroom tools, and what WikiMedia educational initiatives can learn from them · 2016/Passing of celeberties/American/Foreign · 2016/Political editing and Neutrality · 2016/Presidential candidate selection based on global knowledge · 2016/Public Policy Advocacy Across Both Coasts · 2016/ReHumanizingHaiti or The Role of Technology and Social Media in Language Activism/Advocacy for Historically Undervalued Languages · 2016/Reader study results: what reader qualities impacts reading behavior? · 2016/Recovery of lost art testimonial · 2016/Reducing the Biasing Problems on Wikipedia · 2016/Reimagining the sign language user interface for mobile and desktop · 2016/School Earthquake Safety Initiative · 2016/Shankar saikia · 2016/Sharing the music of Mexico to the world · 2016/Source Needed: Wikipedia and the Open Access Movement · 2016/Spirituality and Empowerment: The Untold Story(s) of Hip-hop · 2016/Standing against violence against children · 2016/Stone Artifacts and Visual Field Perception · 2016/Take your Humanity back WORLD…and here’s how… · 2016/Teaching Wikipedia One Edit-a-thon at a time · 2016/Teaching Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons with video · 2016/Textbooks and the New Information Economy · 2016/The Art of GLAM · 2016/The Future of Start Ups · 2016/The Online Writing Classroom and Wikipedia · 2016/The Other Side of COI: Volunteer Response to Professional Contributors · 2016/The Role Wikipedia Plays in Genealogy/Family History Research · 2016/The Sad, Sad Story of Social Wikipedia · 2016/The Transgender Gap: Trans and non-binary representation on Wikipedia · 2016/The Wiki Ed and P&E Dashboards · 2016/The bottom up processing revolution and why Gen Z is so hard to teach. · 2016/The five and a half biggest mistakes we've made when thinking about program impact — and what we’ve learned from them · 2016/Tracking the Triple Crown: Creating quality content · 2016/Train reviewers to become ambassadors · 2016/Transforming Wikipedia into a Legitimate Academic Resource for Undergraduate Students · 2016/Tutorial on basic SQL (Quarry) for Wikimedians · 2016/Understanding Wikipedia readership: Our results for our phone survey in Mexico · 2016/Video and Multimedia in Wikipedia: Today and Tomorrow · 2016/Welcoming and Helping New Editors: A Month at the Teahouse · 2016/What's New in GLAM-Wiki? · 2016/What's Wikidata? How does it work? · 2016/What went right and what went wrong at WikiConference India 2016 · 2016/Why Plagiarism Matters · 2016/Why WikiSalons are relevant & tips to grow them · 2016/Why medical schools should embrace Wikipedia · 2016/Wiki-GLAM foundation workshop · 2016/WikiDataScape: A Cytoscape Browser for WikiData · 2016/WikiMed · 2016/WikiProject X: The development of the future of on-wiki project coordination, or: omg wtf contentmodels! · 2016/Wiki Ed's Year of Science: What's worked so far, and where we go from here · 2016/Wiki Loves Heritage: The Case for a WMF Genealogical and Local History Wiki · 2016/Wiki Loves Posting About Monuments: Using media to support community projects · 2016/Wiki leak Linguistic Data Repository · 2016/Wikidata and Query Service - understanding and presenting the data · 2016/Wikidata editathon · 2016/Wikimania's Yellow Army: Behind the scenes · 2016/Wikimedia US Coalition meeting regarding group name · 2016/Wikimedia US website design workshop · 2016/Wikimedia communities movement strategy · 2016/Wikipage Creation: An Exercise in Critical Thinking and Group Collaboration · 2016/Wikipedia-in-a-Box · 2016/Wikipedia Cuba: Challenges and Opportunities · 2016/Wikipedia Organizations on Campus: Case Study and Guide · 2016/Wikipedia for Health and Safety at Work · 2016/Wikipedia in Libraries: Case Studies in Wikipedia Outreach and Training in Academic Libraries · 2016/Wikiproject San Diego & Wikiproject California meetup · 2016/Wikisource Update / Workshop · 2016/Windows 10 · 2016/Windows 8.1 · 2016/Writing the American Sign Language Wikipedia on Incubator · 2016/citation manager needed - Mastering your reliable sources online and offline with Zotero · 2016/mind wave: true or false · 2016/“Finding a New Soul”: Building Wikipedia and the History of the Harlem Renaissance Within the Community College System · 2016/“Making Your Own Worlds”: The Changing Educational Goals of The LaGuardia WikiProject Octavia E. Butler · 2017/A Macro-Micro Biological Tour of Wikidata · 2017/Article Alerts: A review of the English Wikipedia's article-monitoring system · 2017/Better together: Building bridges between U.S. public libraries and English-language Wikipedia · 2017/Birth of Bias: implicit bias’ permanence on Wikipedia · 2017/Building MediaWiki software to enforce Page & Topic bans · 2017/Building MediaWiki software to enforce Page & Topic bans/Notes · 2017/Building the New York City HIV/AIDS Archive: The La Guardia & Wagner Archives Wikipedia Project · 2017/Combating harassment with user page protection · 2017/Community Wishlist: What We've Done, What's Coming Up · 2017/Cross-wiki collaboration: an international edit-a-thon · 2017/Horror and humor:The effects of paid editing · 2017/How good communication can help you talk to reporters, rule the world, and do other cool stuff: An introductory guide to public relations · 2017/How to podcast · 2017/Language and Cultural Heritage on Wikipedia · 2017/North American and European schools also need offline Wikipedia · 2017/Photography: people at Wikimedia events and book festivals · 2017/Running a monthly edit-a-thon · 2017/Service, Sororities, and the Gender Gap · 2017/Successful Open Advocacy in Very Uncertain Times · 2017/Taking advantage of the WikiMOOC to teach Wikipedia in academic context · 2017/The future of paid editing: Policy, enforcement, and legal issues · 2017/Understanding Openness: Two Competing Paradigms · 2017/Wiki Loves Monuments in the United States: Overview and Discussion · 2017/Wikimedia's 2017 gender diversity mapping project · 2017/Wikimedia and Education: Linking these two with technology · 2017/Wikipedia Organizations on Campus: Case Study and Guide · 2017/Wikipedia as Activism and Archive · 2018 · 2018/"Can I Use Wikipedia as a Source?" Bringing Wikipedia Editing into the Composition Classroom · 2018/"ReImaginingTheShift": The Role of Technology as a Tool for Language Advocacy for Historically Undervalued Languages like Haitian Creole · 2018/5 ways Wiki Education has championed equity in 2018 - and tips for building inclusivity into your work · 2018/AMA: Ask the developers · 2018/A dozen ideas for newcomer-friendly user experiences · 2018/Academic profiles change the world · 2018/Advancing Gender Equity: Conversations with Movement Leaders · 2018/AfroCROWD Wiki Oral History Project · 2018/Aligning technical solutions and policy to combat harassment on Wikimedia projects · 2018/Analyzing and Reporting Attendance across Multiple Events · 2018/Anti-Harassment and YOU · 2018/Archival finding aids in Wikidata? A GLAM discussion · 2018/BIASED · 2018/Becoming a Reliable Source: Writing for Publication · 2018/Beginner's Guide to Events for Wikipedians · 2018/Best Practices for Collaborative Transcription of Multilanguage Texts using ProofreadPage in Wikisource · 2018/Bringing feminist pedagogy to Wikipedia training for US public library staff: Reflections from the OCLC Wikipedian-in-Residence · 2018/Building a Better Harassment Reporting System · 2018/Bystander intervention workshop · 2018/Calling All Subject Experts: Training the Next Wikipedians · 2018/Changing ways of GLAM and artwork file uploads · 2018/CollaborationKit: the future of user groups and community coordination · 2018/CollaborationKit: the future of user groups and community coordination/"slides" · 2018/Commons and Wikidata Partnership Workflows · 2018/Comparative Course Experiences Through Wiki Educational Foundation · 2018/Concentric Wikipedia Engagement · 2018/Creating a Linked Data Library Partnership Using Wikibase · 2018/Cultivating New Student Editors in the Linguistics Classroom · 2018/Developing GLAM Partnerships, a Workshop · 2018/Discovering the Hidden Semantics of 'See Also' via Wikipedia-based Explicit Semantic Analysis · 2018/Does Wikidata Need an Ontological Overhaul? · 2018/Editorial Enforcement and its Effects on Content and Culture · 2018/Event safety workshop · 2018/Fighting Fake News with Real Information: WikiProject Newspapers · 2018/Fighting Government Mass Surveillance: Wikimedia Foundation v. NSA · 2018/Fighting Misinformation and Fake News on Wikipedia · 2018/Filipino American History Month · 2018/Five years of Common's monthly Photo Challenge · 2018/Found in Translation: AfroCROWD+Wikitongues+LaGuardia Community College Translatathon Projects · 2018/Growing the free library: Discovering, documenting, and digitizing public domain periodical literature from most of the 20th century · 2018/Have a SNAC Break · 2018/Highway 66 Revisited, or An Update on Wikipedia and the DOTs · 2018/How MediaWiki works · 2018/How is STEM different than GLAM? · 2018/How to Talk to Faculty About Wikipedia · 2018/How to podcast · 2018/How to write a Featured Article · 2018/Implicit Bias on Wikipedia: The damage report · 2018/Inclusion, Wikipedia, and right-of-center topics · 2018/Input/Output: A Simple Plan for Successful Outreach · 2018/Integrating Wikipedia with Augmented Reality Platforms · 2018/Introduction to Wikidata-driven infoboxes · 2018/Introduction to Wikipedia for librarians · 2018/Introduction to Wikitongues · 2018/It started with a picnic · 2018/JADE: complementing artificial intelligence with human judgment · 2018/Kunsthalle Detroit · 2018/Life beyond TEXT: maps, graphs, data, and the future of interactivity · 2018/Lightning Talk on Homoglyphs · 2018/Local Community Spaces in Germany · 2018/Making HerStory OurStory-Building a Wikipedia Presence on Campus · 2018/Medical wiki content for all clinicians and students · 2018/New Editors and Promotional Editors · 2018/North America's role in Hindi language Wikipedia · 2018/Offline Internet Resources for Latin America · 2018/OpenStreetMap mapping party! · 2018/OpenStreetMap’s worldview: handling disputes on a map that anyone can edit · 2018/Organizing and Researching Art+Feminism Edit-a-thons: Towards More Equitable Models of Engagement · 2018/Pay bounties to developers at-large · 2018/ProJecTion ReCreaTion · 2018/Public Health and the People's Platform · 2018/Red flags regarding event troublemakers · 2018/Reporting bugs: getting developers to implement your feature requests · 2018/Researching Local Heroes, When Google Isn't Enough · 2018/Strategies to Counter Systemic Bias: Writing Campaigns, New Maps, and Informed Review · 2018/Students Who Care: Documenting Police Brutality in New York City in the La Guardia & Wagner Archives Wikipedia Project · 2018/Support for users across all devices: the uncertain history and future of MediaWiki mobile support · 2018/Supporting Search in Many Languages · 2018/Supporting editathon and other event organizers with new tools · 2018/TalainaMaria Peterson · 2018/Talaina Maria Mary Edith Carolyn Peterson · 2018/Teaching with Wikidata: A Case Study · 2018/The Dangerous Allure of Supracultural Ontologies · 2018/The Non-US Panel (or Americans in the global Wikimedia movement) · 2018/The State of Art+Feminism · 2018/The Timeless grant: three times in a row · 2018/The Wiki-disconnected · 2018/The Wikimedia Foundation's blog and social team: Who we are, and what we can do for you · 2018/The pipeline of online participation inequalities: The case of Wikipedia editing · 2018/Timelines In Wikipedia · 2018/To Use Wikipedia or Not: How the Wikipedia assignment can build a bridge between Academia and Wikipedia · 2018/Tool Developer (and User) Meetup · 2018/Tools and scripts - Enterprisey's 2018 update · 2018/Tools and tips for small wikis · 2018/Tools to track views of Commons images · 2018/Update: Structured Data on Commons · 2018/Using Wikipedia to document marginalized African American Communities · 2018/Using a wiki to gather and link records of aeronautics and early aviation · 2018/West Coast meetup · 2018/When Good is Great: All about the Good Article process · 2018/WikiCarbon · 2018/WikiData, Mix'n'Match, and Libraries · 2018/WikiHBCU · 2018/WikiJournals · 2018/WikiSlavery · 2018/Wiki Art Depiction Explorer · 2018/Wiki Bootcamp: Four generations of Wikimedia volunteers · 2018/Wiki Education in physical therapy at Touro College · 2018/Wiki Loves Monuments in the United States: Review and Discussion · 2018/Wiki Loves Your Community · 2018/Wiki Mapping Freedom · 2018/Wikidata in research libraries: community-owned scholarly infrastructure to advance mission · 2018/Wikidata in universities now! · 2018/Wikimedia 2030: Movement Strategy Process update and participation · 2018/Wikimedia Infrastructure for being nice · 2018/Wikimedians in Residence Panel · 2018/Wikipedia, Higher Education, and Public Review · 2018/Wikipedia + Libraries: Better Together · 2018/Wikipedia Collaboration of Dental Schools · 2018/Wikipedia Organizations on Campus: A Review · 2018/Wikipedia Space 2.0 · 2018/Wikipedia as an Extra Credit Learning Opportunity in a Graduate Research Course · 2018/Wikipedia for College Information Literacy and Science Identity · 2018/Wikipedia’s Gender Gap and Disciplinary Praxis: Representing Women Scholars in Digital Rhetoric and Writing Fields · 2018/Working Towards an Elegant Visual WikiDatabase; Contextualized Connections via Wikipedia's Category Hierarchy · 2018/Working with new editors: observations from a Wikipedia Content Expert · 2018/Workshop on countering the Balkanization of the body politic · 2018/automated recommendations for sources · 2018/introduction to wikisource workshop · 2018/wikisource update · 2019/"Professor, the bookstore has no textbook listed for this course!": Relying on WikiEdu & Wikipedia to Teach Research Methods · 2019/"WikiHealth": Results of a comprehensive review of academic health literature and Wikipedia · 2019/100 Edit-a-thon Ideas · 2019/4 Million in 4 Weeks: A case study on bulk import of cultural heritage metadata on Wikidata · 2019/AMA: Ask the developers · 2019/A Case Study of Requests for Page Protection: Clerking Administrative Noticeboards and Consensus Building · 2019/A Colonizer's Account: the Use and Mis-use of Historical Sources · 2019/A Match Made in Heaven: WikiCOIL · 2019/Aaron Swartz Hackathon · 2019/Academics in the open: How WikiJournals encourage open scholarship using Wikipedia · 2019/Advanced Wikignoming · 2019/Adventures in American (Mostly) Folklore: Expanding the Footprint of Notability · 2019/AfroCROWD Launch of Wikimedia Training videos · 2019/Approaching the Climate Crisis as Wikimedians · 2019/Art+Feminism Wikidata Initiative · 2019/Article Inclusion criteria and systematic bias · 2019/Ask Wiki Education · 2019/Becoming a Reliable Source: Writing for Off-Wiki Publication · 2019/Best Practices for Responsible and Reliable Content about Suicide · 2019/Birds of a Feather Art+Feminism · 2019/Birds of a feather: classroom programs and campaigns · 2019/Bridging the gap between facts and articles · 2019/Building Broad and Diverse Wikipedia Capacity in Institutions of Higher Education: Case Study—the University of Massachusetts Lowell · 2019/Building Scholia profiles · 2019/Building a Scholarly Knowledge Base with Wikidata: A Case Study from Vanderbilt University · 2019/Building a Wikidata Curriculum · 2019/Can Software Help Address Wikipedia's COI Problem? · 2019/Caribbean Translatathon · 2019/Cite Unseen: A Year Hence · 2019/Citizen TALES* Commons: A Collaborative Multi-Disciplinary Model of Ethical, Reliable and Inclusive Production and Dissemination of Knowledge Around Issues of Citizenship Today · 2019/Combating Online Harassment with Friends · 2019/Contributorship as Scholarship: Increased Engagement Through MediaWiki · 2019/Creating WikiCommunity at LaGuardia Community College · 2019/Cure My FEVER : Building, Breaking and Fixing Models for Fact-Checking · 2019/Design Workshop on the UX of Conveying Credibility Online · 2019/Developing Ethical, Responsible, and Reliable Information Producers · 2019/Did I just publish Fake News? · 2019/Discussing AI and Machine Learning in the Wikimedia movement · 2019/Distributing wikis · 2019/Engaging Experts Three Ways: How Wiki Education is building a bridge between Wikipedia and Subject-Matter Experts · 2019/Engaging with Scientists: Sharing Knowledge and Encouraging Editing Through a Science Library · 2019/Engaging with Wikipedia in Medical Education: A Dermatology Case Study · 2019/Evaluating Success for Content Translation · 2019/Fighting Fake News with Real Information: Newspapers on Wikipedia · 2019/Fringe theories and edit histories: Six tips for critical information literacy on health topics with Wikipedia · 2019/From Digital Natives to Digital Citizens: How Instructors are Using Wikipedia to Teach Information Literacy · 2019/GLAM/Black Face: Strategies for missing images from art biographies and the ethics of WikiCommons · 2019/GLAMs embracing open access and Wikidata: Experiences from the Met Museum · 2019/Getting rid of ''ibid.'': Consolidate and improve citations with Harvard-style referencing, Worldcat, and Citer · 2019/Government Bans of Wikimedia Projects · 2019/Harassment: beyond technical solutions · 2019/Hearing Other Voices: Using Wikipedia in an ESL Writing Class · 2019/How articles start · 2019/How can Africa and North America partner to promote the goals of the Foundation · 2019/How can libraries and Wikimedia build each other up? · 2019/How to define and elevate quality news: A discussion led by CUNY's NewsQ team · 2019/I didn't know I was a Wikipedian · 2019/Indigenous knowledge in Wikipedia : the Atikamekw Nation experience · 2019/Internet Archive · 2019/Introduction to Structured Data on Commons · 2019/Lettuce Into the Meal: A SNAC Update · 2019/Leveraging On-Campus Expertise to Improve Wikipedia · 2019/Libraries as a Locus of Disruption for Wikipedia · 2019/Limits of Wikidata · 2019/Lunch Meetup L - Climate Change / Sustainability · 2019/Machine learning for wiki by university students · 2019/Making sites citation-friendly for Wikimedia - discussion and recommendations · 2019/Mbabel - One Click Article Creation for Events · 2019/Mind the Gap: How Students are Tackling Important Content Gaps on Wikipedia · 2019/Mitigating risk in Wikipedia content · 2019/Mowing your lawn with a tank, and all the other things you probably shouldn't use MediaWiki for · 2019/Muckrock: Building a database of US government agencies · 2019/Navigating the booming and burgeoning credibility landscape: Three perspectives · 2019/New England meetup and project roundtable · 2019/New Tools and Stuff - Wishlist Edition · 2019/Newbies, patrollers, and educators · 2019/Next Steps for Countering Systemic Bias: Beyond Filling the Gaps · 2019/Nontraditional Scholarship: Evaluation and Citation · 2019/On the Frontlines of Fighting Disinformation: Notes from the Philippines · 2019/Open Access at the Cleveland Museum of Art · 2019/Opening the news: how to use civic tech to promote reliability in news media · 2019/Pacetrack: A Tool for Slick and Simple Wikipedia Campaigns · 2019/Powerful spreadsheet tools for Wikidata and Wikipedia · 2019/Programs & Events Dashboard event organizers workshop · 2019/Présentation GLAM en république Guinée · 2019/Psychological safety - building block for great team building · 2019/Public Policy Roundtable · 2019/Putting Institutional Partners at Ease: Becoming a Reliable Guide in an Unfamiliar Landscape · 2019/Quality Armchair Research 101: Make reliably-sourced articles without owning a personal library or paying for subscriptions · 2019/Quality vs Usefulness: Can we have more FAs on vital topics? · 2019/Quarry tutorial: Using SQL to get info about wikis · 2019/Relying on Wikipedia in Higher Education: Addressing Stigma and Misconceptions · 2019/Smithsonian American Women's History Initiative · 2019/State of Wikimedia Research on Knowledge Integrity · 2019/Strategies for comparing library content and Wikipedia · 2019/Students and the culture of Wikipedia · 2019/Supporting 8,000 new editors a term? Just doing our jobs · 2019/Supporting deliberation and resolution on Wikipedia · 2019/Surfacing Trust, Expertise, and Provenance for better News Sharing · 2019/Taking Wiki Loves Monuments in the US to the Next Level · 2019/Teaching Information Literacy to College Students through the Creation of Wikipedia Articles and Translations: Assignments and Assessments · 2019/Teaching Intellectual Property Law with Wikipedia · 2019/The 1000 Women in Religion Project: Bridging the Divide Between the Academy and Wikipedia · 2019/The Good, the Bot, and the Ugly: Critical Media Literacy and Problematic Information in Wikipedia · 2019/The Interactive Humanities: Wikipedia as One Element of the New Online Rhetoric · 2019/The Wikimedia Movement Strategy and You: What Are the Recommendations and What Can You Do About Them? · 2019/There is no needle: searching through the web’s haystack for reliable legal information · 2019/To blacklist or whitelist? Three perspectives on how to classify reliable and unreliable news · 2019/Tools and techniques for identifying and addressing gaps · 2019/Turnkey MediaWiki · 2019/Understanding the technical challenges of small wikis in North America · 2019/Using Wikimedia Commons images for publication · 2019/What's neutrality?: An epistemological discussion about advocacy and free knowledge in Spanish Wikipedia · 2019/What Open Access principles do we need for cultural heritage? · 2019/What We Learn from Building WikiLoop · 2019/What are you using? The backend of how your wiki and tools come together · 2019/What’s good for GLAM is good for STEM? Editor recruitment and retention at NIOSH · 2019/WikiCarbon Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) Database · 2019/WikiCite track · 2019/WikiCite track/Introduction to WikiCite · 2019/WikiCite track/Sunday Lunch Meetup · 2019/WikiNetBias: topic polarisation on Wikipedia graph and its effect on users · 2019/Wiki Caribbean Panel and Discussion on Survey Findings · 2019/Wiki LGBT+ meetup · 2019/Wiki medicine meetup · 2019/Wikidata-fying Northeastern University's "Women Writers in Review" initiative · 2019/Wikidata Quicksheets · 2019/Wikidata Tutorial: Intro to the Basics · 2019/Wikimedia Outreach programs for technical contributors · 2019/Wikimedia and the SDGs — what next? · 2019/Wikimedia and the Sustainable Development Goals — what next? · 2019/Wikimedia coverage of Sharpiegate · 2019/Wikimedia coverage of the future · 2019/Wikimedia in humanitarian contexts · 2019/Wikimedians in Residence Exchange Network discussion and meetup · 2019/Wikipedia @ 20 author panel · 2019/Wikipedia at Boston University: Creating a Community of Editors and Teachers · 2019/Wikipedia editing in Introductory Psychology: Teaching students online research skills while targeting gender bias · 2019/Wikipedia everywhere - for you, your neighbours, your school · 2019/Wikisource review and workshop · 2019/Wikispore: Wider than Wikipedia, Deeper than Wikidata · 2019/“Wikipedians are born, not made” – applying the learnings from a 10-year-old research paper after all · 2021/"So Many Books, So Little Time": Wikipedia as Odd Literature · 2021/2Rāth: To Digitally Preserve Arab Literary Heritage · 2021/Add your country to WikiProject Govdirectory · 2021/Architects Build Wiki: A Pilot Campaign Featuring Black Architects of Detroit · 2021/Black Lunch Table Strategies for Knowledge gaps · 2021/Building Organizing Tools for Campaigns and Editing Events · 2021/Building a CEE Hub · 2021/Caribbean Digital Human Rights Community Workspace & Edit-A-Thon · 2021/Cochrane-Wikipedia Collaboration: Improving Medical Content · 2021/Community feedback wanted: Universal Code of Conduct draft enforcement guidelines · 2021/Content translation tool tutorial · 2021/Crafting Communities · 2021/Current developments in Wikipedia-integrated academic journals · 2021/Custodians of Knowledge in the Climate Crisis · 2021/Cvillepedia: a case study in making a local wiki a more equitable, inclusive, and accessible archive of information · 2021/Decolonizing Wikipedia · 2021/Demystifying Copyright: Unlocking a Treasure of Content in Journals and Periodicals · 2021/Edit-a-thons in the time of COVID: Lessons learned during 18 months of online editing events · 2021/Editatona · 2021/Editing seems too hard; let's fix that · 2021/Emerging technologies edit-a-thon: nano and AI, oh my! · 2021/Engaging subject-matter experts during a national emergency: Wiki Education and COVID-19 · 2021/Engaging the University Community with Wikipedia Curating and Creation · 2021/Expert fact-checkers rely on Wikipedia. You and your students should too! · 2021/From sign shop to desktop · 2021/Glassbox: betting for proactive transparency against misinformation · 2021/Global templates, and their special challenges for English, French, and Spanish languages · 2021/Global templates, and their special challenges for English, French, and Spanish languages/Notes · 2021/How Do the Top Ten Languages in North America Fare on Their Wikipedias? · 2021/How do you even teach Wikidata? · 2021/How the Smithsonian and Wiki Education are adding biographies of American women · 2021/How to tie together Commons, Wikidata, and possibly Wikipedia by using :commons:Special:SuggestedTags · 2021/Information Has Value: Engaging Students as Wikipedia Editors · 2021/Introduction to Enterprise MediaWiki · 2021/Links, Wikipedia, and Knowledge Gaps · 2021/Live from Balboa Park! · 2021/Mapping of Wikimedia activities to Sustainable Development Goals · 2021/Modeling NIOSH publications on Wikidata: a case study for beginners · 2021/Movement Pulse North America · 2021/News On Wiki, Phase 2 complete; Future steps with ASU journalism school · 2021/Non-English Editions of Wikipedia Have a Misinformation Problem · 2021/OpenHistoricalMap: Historical Geography Wiki style · 2021/Participación y conocimiento libre en Wikipedia en español · 2021/Programs & Events Dashboard - Tips & Tricks for Event Organizers · 2021/Psychological safety · 2021/Reflecting on a critique · 2021/Survey Says: What Wiki Education's program participants say about joining the Wikipedia and Wikidata communities · 2021/Teaching Engineering Writing and Ethics with the Wikipedia Writing Assignment · 2021/Towards a more environmentally sustainable Wikimedia Movement: The Wikimedia Affiliates Environmental Sustainability Covenant · 2021/Usando Wikipedia y Wikimedia Commons para la enseñanza del arte y la cultura · 2021/VRT & WMF Legal: Workflow Discussion · 2021/Vaccine Safety Edit-a-thon · 2021/Web2Cit: A visual editor for Citoid Web Translators · 2021/What is the coverage of the 30 most spoken North American indigenous languages in Wikipedia? · 2021/What is the coverage of the 30 most spoken North American indigenous languages in Wikipedia?/Source page for presentation · 2021/When Students contribute to Wikipedia: A Local Initiative with Global Reach · 2021/Why Consensus Fails · 2021/WikiLetters Systematic Review · 2021/WikiProject Clinical Trials, Wikipedia for Research · 2021/Wiki Loves Monuments in the US: Updates and Discussion · 2021/Wikimedia reducing major conflicts · 2021/Wikipedia, The Future of Inclusivity in Education · 2021/Wikipedia and the Representation of Reality · 2021/Wikipedia as Information Literacy Vector: Authority and Undergraduate Students · 2021/¡Edita Wikipedia! Un curso de formación docente elaborado en alianza entre UNAM + WMMX · 2022/100 Caribbean Leaders on Wikidata: Launching WikiCari's newest project · 2022/A Woman of the Century · 2022/An Overview of WikiJournal · 2022/Analysis and Response Toolkit for Trust (ARTT) and Wikipedia: What's next for Phase II · 2022/Automatic citations in Wikipedia: how they work and how to fix them · 2022/Board Session with the Trustees · 2022/Consumer health on Wikipedia: results of a qualitative study · 2022/Data Modeling the Person · 2022/Discussion of future of North American Wikimedia affiliates · 2022/Diversifying Wikipedia's biographies · 2022/Esto es una prueba · 2022/Fostering open knowledge by providing effective support to volunteers - an introduction to Wikimedia Foundation's Committee Support Team · 2022/Future of North American Wikimedia affiliates · 2022/How Wiki Education supports 12,000 new editors a year · 2022/Reclaiming the right to privacy with grassroots tactics · 2022/Sound Logo lightning talk · 2022/Tips & Tricks for the Programs & Events Dashboard · 2022/Tools for linking Wikidata and OpenStreetMap · 2022/View it! tool: utilizing Structured Data on Commons for image discovery · 2022/WW, WWWWW (Wikiproject Witches, Who, What, When, Where, Why) · 2022/What is Wikiask? · 2022/Wiki99 and the global canon · 2022/WikiCred 2022 Grant Cycle Overview · 2022/WikiLetters Systematic Review (v.1.0.2) · 2022/Wikidata's tenth birthday · 2022/Wikifunctions - a new Wikimedia project · 2022/Wikimedia Indiana: A New User Group Rooted in Cultural Heritage · 2022/Wikimedia sued the National Security Agency for mass surveillance. Now what? · 2022/Working together with Debian · 2022/You can help us fix it: Learning new skills at the Philadelphia WikiSalon · 2023/100 ans de données météorologiques d’Environnement et Changement climatique Canada dans Commons · 2023/365 climate edits · 2023/A positive feedback loop between Wikidata and text mining · 2023/A year in the life of a new Wikipedian · 2023/Activating Archives: How the Archives of Ontario is Building Community through GLAM-Wiki · 2023/Advancing occupational health equity for immigrant workers through Wikimedia platforms · 2023/Agents, Name Authorities, and Linked Open Data: Leveraging Wikidata for Access and Discovery of Archival Materials · 2023/All about the Wikimedia Endowment · 2023/An Alternative to the Pushpin Map in the Neighbourhood Infobox · 2023/Artificial intelligence as promise and peril · 2023/Artificial intelligence in Wikipedia and wiki projects · 2023/Being Chinese Online – Discursive (Re)production of Internet-Mediated Chinese National Identity · 2023/Beyond biographies: Equity on English Wikipedia · 2023/Beyond the Metrics: Five years of GLAM Wiki at the Smithsonian Institution · 2023/Bin, bag and beyond: Exploring students’ waste management and green purchasing behavior using an extended theory of planned behavior model. A predictive model approach. · 2023/Blockchain Bonanza: Ensuring Accuracy in Emerging Financial Technology Articles · 2023/Board Session with the Trustees · 2023/Building English Wikipedia's best work: how to research and write featured articles · 2023/Building Wikimedia support at the University of Toronto: A five-year retrospective · 2023/Building a Global Municipal Atlas: A Speculative Vision · 2023/Building an advanced Wikidata Curriculum · 2023/Building and Disseminating Print Bibliographic Data Online · 2023/Building bridges through Wikipedia and the cultural heritage of Mexico City: the experience from a “Non-Formal Education” course. · 2023/Citations in Wikipedia for Understanding Research Reach · 2023/Commons Photographers meetup · 2023/Continued Relevancy in the Classroom: Using Wikipedia to Teach Information Literacy to University Students · 2023/Contributing to Wikimedia during an Open Data Human Rights Project · 2023/Defense against the Dark Arts: Disinformation on Wikipedia · 2023/Des chantiers Wiki dans un musée d'art canadien · 2023/Don't feed the trolls · 2023/Engaging the next Generation of Wikipedians with Growth features · 2023/Engaging with Equity Programming · 2023/Equity, Community Engagement, and Ag: Advancing equity and increasing agricultural coverage on Wikipedia · 2023/Equity Outreach - Encouraging Diverse Instructors to Teach with Wikipedia · 2023/Every Book Its Reader · 2023/Faculty perspectives on the Wikipedia assignment · 2023/From British Newspaper Archives to Sage Journals: Learn how to access more than 90 paywalled resources for free through The Wikipedia Library · 2023/Future of the Community Wishlist Survey · 2023/Governance committees in the Wikimedia movement · 2023/Hacktivismo y medios libres en México · 2023/How the Digital Public Library of America is putting American history at Wikipedians' fingertips · 2023/How to get your code deployed · 2023/IP Masking - Protecting privacy for unregistered editors · 2023/Image credits on Wikipedia · 2023/Improving Equity on Wikipedia · 2023/Inclusion des pratiques en arts actuels : stratégies de planification d'atelier · 2023/Indie Wiki Buddy: Helping users discover independent wikis · 2023/Indigenous Artists and Wikidata · 2023/Interactions between the Wikimedia ecosystem and research - examples from Canada · 2023/Internet Archive: The Annual WikiConference Update · 2023/Is Motherhood & Design that Scary : Giving Birth to a Wikipedia Class Kicking and Screaming · 2023/Keeping Wikipedia relevant for today's post-secondary students · 2023/L'Intelligence Artificielle CHATGPT et le Droit · 2023/LaGuardia & Wagner Archives Wikipedia Project Year 5: LGBTQ Archives and Student Reseach · 2023/La présence de Wikimédia dans la Caraïbe et la Contribution en Créole haïtien · 2023/Latinos Love Wikipedia: What We Learned from 11.5 Million Google Searches · 2023/Let's forbid single-maintainer bots and tools · 2023/L’union fait la force : Coopérer pour valoriser le cinéma régional québécois · 2023/Mathematics and Wikidata · 2023/MediaWiki Insights: A strategy and product roadmap for MediaWiki · 2023/Metadata and Decolonization · 2023/Mettre sur la map les arts littéraires québécois et de la francophonie canadienne · 2023/Mid-semester rookie report: Starting a wikiversity project & teaching a class with wikiedu assignments · 2023/Movement Charter Conversations · 2023/No Rights Reserved: What CC0 Means for Contributor Motivations, Data Provenance, and the Wikipedia Detour · 2023/On-wiki campaigns, 275+, lessons learned by Women in Red · 2023/One Year In: Growing Capacity to Support GLAM Wiki in Indiana · 2023/Open Education Training Needs in an Evolving Society: Round Table · 2023/Open Future Design Workshop · 2023/Panel: Ensuring Resilient Governance · 2023/Parallel Play: What Do Librarians Learn from Editing Wikipedia? · 2023/Peeragogy Wikibooks: Past, Present, and Future · 2023/Perspectives on Wiki-based student placements programs · 2023/Potential Governance or Arbitration Panel · 2023/Project Korikath: an attempt to engage youth in bridging local visual knowledge gaps · 2023/Punjabi Audiobooks Project · 2023/Pushing the Envelope: Writing to Your Elected Representatives · 2023/Readership of Wikipedia · 2023/Reflections on Eight Years at ArbCom: Policy, Structure, and Reform · 2023/Report on research for North American hub · 2023/Récit, impact et perspectives du mouvement Wikimédia en Haïti · 2023/Save the time of the reader: improve your technical documentation through minimalist design · 2023/Scholia workshop · 2023/Show me your gadgets! · 2023/Sign Languages of the world : increase mutual understanding with Lingualibre SignIt. · 2023/Sister projects: the past, present and glorious future · 2023/Small Steps for Students, Giant Leaps for Wikikind: Developing Wiki Literacy in the Composition Classroom · 2023/Surpassing RfCs: how to improve the governance of large software changes · 2023/Taking Wikipedia Along: Initiating Wikipedia Education Program Without A Community · 2023/The BLP Situation on Wikipedia Today · 2023/The State and Future of GLAM-Wiki Partnerships · 2023/The Wikipedian in Residence Workshop: Hiring, Execution, Reporting, Impact · 2023/Tips & Tricks for the Programs & Events Dashboard · 2023/URFA/2020 and Wikipedia's Featured Article Review Process · 2023/Updates from AffCom · 2023/View it! Tool: Utilizing Structured Data on Commons for Image Discovery · 2023/WP:WELW Women Electronic Literature Writers Project editathon or round table · 2023/Walking Tour of Toronto · 2023/What's the use (case) of starting your biography creation in Wikidata? · 2023/What I've learnt about partnerships through The Wikipedia Library · 2023/What is the future of free knowledge? Collaboratively charting the course of our movement · 2023/What the World Needs from Wikimedians in the Face of the Climate Crises · 2023/What the block log tells us · 2023/WikiJournal 2023 update · 2023/WikiOASIS: Wiki Island Nations Alliance · 2023/WikiProject Women in Religion Panel Discussion and Report · 2023/Wiki edit-a-thon: des retombées importantes pour la représentation de l'histoire de la communauté LGBTQIA2+ francophone du Canada · 2023/Wikidata Lexemes: Introduction to the possibilities · 2023/Wikipedia Initiatives at Local Canadian Public Libraries · 2023/Wikipedia and Global Conflicts · 2023/Wikipedia and academia: An examination of a critical, but complex relationship · 2023/Wikipedia as a site of archival activism: potentials and limits from the experience of BIPOC community advocates · 2023/Wikipedia for Ethical Artificial Intelligence in Africa · 2023/Wikipedia in the Classroom: How It Started, How It’s Going · 2023/Wikipédia: un outil pédagogique pour le développement culturel numérique francophone · 2023/Wikisource year in review · 2023/psychological safety: building teams · 2023/translatewiki: Software localization workshop, all languages welcome · Presentación de la sesión de la WCNA 2022 · WCNA 2019 Grant Submission

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