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This is the "WCNA 2019 Session Submission" template. It should be called in the following format:

{{WCNA 2019 Session Submission
|Academic Peer Review option=
|Type of submission=
|Author Name=
|E-mail address=
|Wikimedia username=
|Affiliated organization(s) (optional)=
|Estimated time=
|Prefered room size=
|Special requests=
|Have you presented on this topic previously? If yes, where/when?=
|If you will be incorporating a slidedeck during your presentation, do you agree to upload it to Commons before your session, with a CC-BY-SA 4.0 license, including suitable attribution in the slidedeck for any images used?=
|Will you attend WikiConference North America if your submission is not accepted?=

Edit the page to see the template text.