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etherpad notes from hackathon - add your own

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Day 1 of the WikiConference North America pre-conference includes a hackathon, taking place in Thompson Library's Multipurpose Room (165). The goal of the hackathon is for developers (regardless of experience) to brainstorm, plan, and create new tools, extensions, and applications to help the Wikimedia world. This is a great opportunity to meet the Wikimedia tech community, learn about the technologies and projects that power Wikipedia and its sister projects, and to propose or join a project to hack on during the event.

All you'll need is your laptop, ideas, and the energy to contribute. This flexible space includes comfortable chairs with built-in desks and wheels to allow for moving them about and defining working groups.

Over the course of the day, training sessions and other activities will be happening in concurrence in Thompson 150 A/B. Hackers can attend these sessions to take a quick break, or learn something new!

As this event only lasts one workday, this unfortunately may not be enough for everyone to complete their projects - but that's okay! We hope this event provides an experience that inspires, motivates, and lets participants jumpstart a project that they can work on in the future.

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At 4 PM, everyone will gather back around at front of the room, and participants will have the opportunity to do a quick presentation on what they've been working on. This can be simply describing what's being built, showing off the start of the project, or something in between.


Feel free to add ideas for things you'd like to create.

Useful links

Notes from the Hackathon

(Copied from https://etherpad.wikimedia.org/p/WCNA2018_Hackathon )

Summary of presentations: 10am to noon

  • Alex Stinson did advanced Wikidata talk

Projects to continue on Friday Culture Crawl day - Fuzheado

  • recorded two episodes for my podcast https://wikijabber.org —Sebastian Wallroth Attended Wikidata sessions, interested in incorporating Wikidata URL igning it the archive URL property via the API. -Cyberpower678

Special:Nearby @ Wikidata JADE demo! by James Hare https://jade-demo.wmflabs.org/mediawiki/index.php

Identify missing store chains in the English Wikipedia and Wikidata based on OpenStreetMap’s name suggestion index: https://github.com/osmlab/name-suggestion-index/issues/1934

Chumley's for dinner or drinks, a sports bar.  circa 6pm   or see Telegram for organizing Tomorrow Friday:  9am Columbus library.  Tours start from there Saturday morning start at Sullivant library, not the Thompson library

10 Wikidata (WD) Tools in 20 minutes

Listeria - automated WD lists