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We want to gather here some terms which might not be generally familiar to share with our attendees (who come from diverse backgrounds and projects) and with our Spanish/English interpreters.

  • Affiliate: A user group or chapter associated with the Wikimedia Foundation, e.g. Wikimedia MX in Mexico. A "chapter" is an affiliate that is an nonprofit organization itself.
  • Editor:
    • on Wikimedia: Contributor to a wiki
    • on OpenStreetMap: Editing software
  • FOSS4G: Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial
  • GLAM: Stands for Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums -- Cultural organizations that partner with Wikimedia projects
  • Hacks/Hackers: A nonprofit that has supported the conference in the past and now
  • Knight Foundation: A nonprofit that has given grants to wiki research and related matters
  • ORES: A tool used to evaluate Wikipedia articles based on certain criteria, using artificial intelligence.
  • Wikipedia Library: A Wikimedia Foundation project that helps to provide access to licensed and open access journals and databases for use by Wikipedia editors in their research.
  • WiR: Wikimedian in residence, often meaning a Wikipedia expert at a GLAM institution
  • WMF: Wikimedia Foundation
  • WMF Committee Support Team: Part of the WMF Legal Department. It provides staff support to several volunteer Wikimedia committees including the Affiliations Committee, Ombuds Commission, Arbitration Committees, and the Case Review Committee.
please add detail to these below and let's move them to the list above
  • data model and representation
  • bivariate map, cholorpleth, isochrones (OSM concepts)
  • magic wand (OSM)
  • point simplification (OSM)
  • cartography (OSM)


  • Integrated Fixed Towers: Torres fijas integradas
  • Integrated Fixed Tower Components: Componentes de las torres fijas integradas
  • Remote Video Surveillance System (RVSS): Sistema de Videovigilancia Remota (RVSS)
  • RVSS Video Wall and RVSS Outdoors: RVSS Video Wall y RVSS Exterior
  • Relocatable Tower: Torre reubicable
  • Command and Control Center: Centro de comando y control
  • Anduril Sentry (Anduril is a company): Centinela de Anduril (what a great name)
  • Tethered Aerostat Radar System: Sistema de radar de aerostato anclado
  • Tactical Aerostat System: Sistema de aerostato táctico
  • Mobile Surveillance Scope Truck: Camión de vigilancia móvil
  • Remote Mobile Surveillance Camera: Cámara de vigilancia móvil remota
  • Mobile Surveillance Capability System (MSC): Sistema de Capacidad de Vigilancia Móvil (MSC)
  • Mobile Vehicle Surveillance System (MVSS): Sistema móvil de vigilancia de vehículos (MVSS)
  • DEA Automated License Plate Readers: Lectores automátizados de matrículas de la DEA
  • Citadel Anti-Drone System: Sistema antidrones de Citadel

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