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WikiConference North America
Indianapolis — 3-6 October 2024
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There are several opportunities for volunteering at WCNA 2024 in Indianapolis Indiana. If you wish to volunteer, please sign up here under the committee you would like to be a part of and we will reach out as soon as possible.

Please note: Scholarship recipients are expected to volunteer during the conference, that will be coordinated by the Volunteer Coordinator at a later date, after scholarships have been assigned.


Program Committee

Will set up submissions and then put together the program for the conference. The Program Committee will also work to organize the Culture Crawl and keynote/guest speakers.

Safe Space Committee

Will adapt the Safe Space Policy for WCNA and make decisions around how to enforce the policy. The Safe Space Committee will require additional volunteers at the conference and helps organize volunteers and volunteer duties.

Scholarship Committee

Will set up applications and make decisions on who will receive scholarships. The scholarship process is changing this year with the Wikimedia Foundation handling travel arrangements, this should streamline the process and make it less time consuming. Committee members will work with the Safe Space Committee to organize volunteers (and set up volunteering for scholarship recipients.