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Here are some organizing team members in various areas. We may reorganize over time.

  • Local arrangements / logistics: Dominic, Jamie, Jere, and Olivia
  • Scholarships: Chris, Victoria, Andrew
  • Program: Peaceray, Rosie
  • Tech/registration/website/streaming: Kevin? Omar? Peaceray
  • Friendly space (Trust and safety): Victoria, Peter
  • Recent or long time organizers, many of whom are supporting this year's effort already: Louis, Sophie, Pharos, Xeno, Enterprisey, Brochon99, Andrew (OhanaUnited), Rosiestep, Doreva


  • Indiana University Libraries
  • Wikimedia chapters and user groups of North America
  • Wikimedia DC (expected fiscal sponsor)
  • Wikimedia Foundation (expected; we've applied for a grant)

FYI, team members from 2023 are listed on meta, here: meta:WikiConference North America/2023