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Christian Thomas Antunes
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Cristiano Tomás
Intl. Affairs student at The George Washington University
Wikipedia was just temporarily blocked in Russia and is continued to be censored in places like China and Saudi Arabia, among others. By blocking access or censoring availability to Wikipedia, the site's project at free culture and information exchange is jeopardized and hindered.

We as a community must ask and think about key questions in regard to censorship of Wikipedia:

  • How does the censorship of Wikipedia correlate to oppressive, non-free societies?
  • What does it mean for those without access to Wikipedia because of censorship?
  • What does it mean for Wikipedia for less people to be able to contribute to the project?
  • How do we, as editors, around the world, both in and out of places where the site is censored, respond to attempts to halt wiki's project and stand strong for its goals?

Wikipedia is a wonder of the new technological world, where anyone and everyone comes together to learn and help contribute. Information not always readily available from around the globe can be found in one place and be built upon continuously. When it comes under attack, what do we do to stop it?

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30 min
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