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Addis Wang
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Baidu Baike (Baidu Encyclopedia) is the largest Chinese online encyclopedia and the most popular one in mainland China. Baidu Baike has 89% of Chinese Online Encyclopedia market as it claimed even before Chinese Wikipedia was blocked in the late of this May. Regardless of it's low quality content, and copyright infringement, what kind of strategy Baidu Baike is using for outreach to improve it's popularity and community activities?

There are three major outreach strategies of Baidu Baike. The first one is called "Light the Dream Project", which is a call for collage students to organize and join various kinds of offline activities in their schools, not only as a way to learn and share knowledge, but also a way to build up their skills such as leadership. Baidu Baike will endorse their work as a kind of working experience which will help them in the job market, and Baidu will also offer intern opportunities for some outstanding students of these organizers. There are around 300,000 students from 2000 collages in China involves (roughly take exaggeration off). So how they run this project and why their collage outreach can attract such huge amount of attendees?

The second strategy called "Baike Mission". The entire project is ran by Baidu's staff, so they will create many kinds of mission of editing Baidu Baike. Because Baidu Baike has it's credit system, it can counts on credits. It's community is very active on the mission system, that gift exchanged by credits plays as a vey powerful incentive undoubtedly, but what else make this successful?

The third one is their institutions outreach. Baidu Baike partners with National Health and Family Planning Commission to attract doctors to edit their content. Baidu also partners with serval science institutions that these institutions will provide content to Baidu while Baidu will show their name on the top of the content page. Baidu Baike also learn some outreach strategies from Wikimedia Movement, and does a very good job on that. What are those and how they did it?

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