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Christ University Wikipedia in Education Program (CUWEP)

Wikipedia Education program

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Shamama Zamal
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Christ University, Centre for Internet and Society(CIS)
Christ University, Bengaluru collaborated with the Centre for Internet and Society, Bengaluru, India to create articles on Wikipedia. It is a major part of the Continuous Internal Assessment (CIA) assigned to its1600 undergraduate students in Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Sanskrit and Urdu. The university produced the first of its kind Wikipedia video tutorials in two languages – Hindi and Kannada. In addition to this, it has also started offering a certificate course on creation of articles on Wikipedia in several languages from this year.

Contribution of Christ University students to Hindi Wikisource and Hindi Wikipedia :-

  1. June 2015 – October 2015

• CIA 1 :- 1st Semester Students – Typed and digitised "कबीर ग्रन्थावली" on Hindi Wikisource. 3rd Semester Students – Written an article on Hindi Wikipedia related to Culture and Language.

• CIA 3 :- 1st Semester Students – Typed and digitised short stories of Premchand on Hindi Wikisource. 3rd Semester Students – Added images to the articles (from commons) which were written by them in CIA 1.

• • Outcome – Improvisation and enhancement of students in terms of typing in Hindi on Wikisource and the quality of language. As a result of this exercise "कबीर ग्रन्थावली" and short stories of Premchand was made available for people around the world to read and study these extraordinary pieces of Hindi Literature.

  1. November 2015 – March 2016

• CIA 1 :- 2nd Semester Students – Typed about themselves on Hindi Wikipedia, which they later used for creating their userpage on Hindi Wikipedia. 4th Semester Students – Creation of articles related to their core subjects (Ex :- Physics, Mathematics, Astronomy, etc).

• CIA 3 :- 2nd Semester Students – Created their Userpage on Hindi Wikipedia. 4th Semester Students – Added relevant images to the articles which were written by them in CIA 1.

• Outcome – These exercises helped students to create new articles on wikipedia and students learned how to upload images on Wikimedia Commons. They are now using it as a tool in the Wikipedia Assignments for the year 2016-17 for creation of high quality articles in terms of language.

  1. March 2016

• Students participated in Wikiwomen’s Editathon held at Christ University, Bangalore on 12th March 2016 on the occasion on Women’s History month on Wikipedia and wrote articles related to women empowerment and issues faced by women in the society in different languages. • Students also participated in Wikipedia in Education Program’s National Level Review Workshop held at Christ University, Bangalore on 18th & 19th March 2016. • Outcome – It created awareness related to social issues and also analysed the common problems faced by Wikipedians and give a solution to these problems.

Writing on wikipedia requires adequate research and for doing these assignments students refer to various books, websites and other sources. It enhances the ability to do research and also leads to knowledge enrichment. It increases the number of articles on Hindi Wikipedia. It transforms students from being a consumer of knowledge to creator of knowledge.

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