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Encourage/Assist Citizens to Add Info about Climate Views of Elected Officials
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Felix Kramer
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California Climate Breakthrough Initiative

We’re a group of NGO members, business people, journalists, and researchers aimed at increasing public education about climate change.

With the reality and future consequences of climate change becoming ever-more clear, people turn to Wikipedia to know more. As voters look for basic background or in-depth information on candidates, providing broad information can help inform the electorate. And as they notice missing information, they may be inspired to contribute what they know.

We’re beginning the ClimateCongress Project to help volunteers add nonpartisan, objective information about what all incumbents and candidate for House & Senate say and do about climate change. Many voters are Wikipedia users but few are active. We will encourage them to join in collaborative processes of researching, ontributing and editing. We want more people to come to Wikipedia and use its information as tools for their personal decision-making, their outreach to candidates, and information sources for public events.

Our team members are new to the Wikipedia community and have never been to a WikiConference. We expect to have more information about our project in mid-September.

Our timetable is focused both on getting useful information out before the November election and getting more attention long-term to climate policy among voters and officials.

We’re open either to organizing a 15-minute presentation, or a 5-minute Lightning talk.

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15-30 min.
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