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Wikipedia, the fruit of technology, the barrier-less answer source for the truth of knowledge vs biased media controlled knowledge



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Through connecting the dots between history in search of a liberating leader based on statements with a quest to relate and follow. In order to answer the question, connecting the dots through religious and historic timelines in relevance to current global regression or advancement. Through the technological advancement to information access through Wikipedia, knowledge access is endless. The answers to questions bring more questions which effortlessly can be answered click after click. The access to newfound knowledge advances to new findings and formulates new questions and relevance to current global affairs. Understanding action taken and lack of action to consequences and honorable obligations. In search of a universal message to bring nationwide peace and worldwide peace. To not put a price on our founders' hopeful governing with respect to religion and freedom in the Native American homeland. Taking example from the Colonists and Revolutionaries who honored human rights and openness to using history as an example to advance. Does patriotism exist anymore and is it worth it? How does government's use of knowledge benefit the law obiding tax paying citizen, a minority or an immigrant, regardless of sexual orientation? Are we a compassionate or self centered nation? Do we have faith? Do we have the time for family and decompression to formulate a question after battling an ever growing traffic in inefficient unchanged vehicle transportation? What type of nation does our government invest in? How is technology used in economic growth? Do we promote families or parentless children and how does that affect us in the long run? Will the children of this world have opportunities and share the "American Dream" or be faced with only a nightmare?

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