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The Wiki Ed and P&E Dashboards
Proposal Themes
Advocacy & Outreach; Technology & Infrastructure; Education and Academic Engagement]]:
Academic Peer Review Option
Type of submission
Sage Ross, Amanda Bittaker
E-mail address,
Sage (Wiki Ed), Abittaker (WMF)
Wiki Education Foundation, Wikimedia Foundation

Learn how the Programs & Events Dashboard — the general purpose, multilingual version of Wiki Education Foundation’s course dashboard — helps organizers manage and track programs such as education courses, edit-a-thons, and editing workshops. The workshop will comprise:

  • An overview of how the dashboards work
  • An overview of the roadmap and wishlist for the dashboard, including opportunities for new developers or designers to get involved
  • Practice using the dashboard with experienced program organizers
Length of presentation
60 minutes
Special schedule requests
Preferred room size
30-50 people, small group format preferred
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