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WikiDataScape: A Cytoscape Browser for WikiData
Health care and science
Academic Peer Review option
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Gregory Stupp
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The Scripps Research Institute
WikiDataScape is a Cytoscape app for interactive browsing of WikiData. Cytoscape is an open source bioinformatics software platform for visualizing complex networks. Wikidata is a free and open knowledge base that can be read and edited by both humans and machines, and acts as central storage for structured data. The purpose of this app is for the query, navigation, and data discovery of linked data, with WikiData as the data source. WikiData currently has, and continues to add a wealth of information that is a great interest to researchers and even the general public. However, it is very difficult for the average non-technical user to perform and visualize complex data using the SPARQL endpoint. This software enables point-and-click navigation and visualization of linked data from WikiData, and interfaces with the plethora of network analysis tools in Cytoscape, opening up the world of WikiData to everyone.
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20 mins
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