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Due to limited space, WikiConference North America 2017 could not accommodate this submission in its program.
Please check out the Unconference for opportunities to present and share there.

Successful Open Advocacy in Very Uncertain Times
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Advocacy & Outreach
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Nick Shockey
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nick [at]
SPARC, OpenCon, Right to Research Coalition
This presentation will discuss the intersection between the movement to open up access to the result of research and Wikimedia Projects. It will also detail efforts to continue the momentum for Open advocacy despite a challenging political environment in the United States. The conversation will explore the opportunities that an open system for communicating research and scholarship create to improve Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects, how Wikimedians can better connect with allies in the broader open movement, and ways Wikimedians can directly contribute to opening up the primary material upon which Wiki projects are built.
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30 minutes
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