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This submission has been accepted for WikiConference North America 2017.

Taking advantage of the WikiMOOC to teach Wikipedia in academic context
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Alexandre Hocquet
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Alexandre Hocquet
Université de Lorraine

Linked to the "WikiMOOC" presentation at Wikimania 2017 and complimentary to it, this talk aims at presenting how academic teaching of Wikipedia can benefit from the WikiMOOC project, and gathering mutual interest from the Wikipedian community, the Wikipedia Education Program, the Wiki Edu Foundation, academic colleagues, AND academic intstitutions globally.

As an STS academic, one of the courses I teach is focused on Wikipedia as a case study for "digital litteracy" or "scientific communication". I am also committed to publish papers advocating to the usefulness of such courses in academic syllabi.

As a wikipedian, I have also (modestly) contributed to the building of the WikiMOOC, a (volunteer-based, not academic) project to massively and openly teach how to engage into Wikipedia (see the Wikimania lecture about it). One of the long terms aim of the WikiMOOC is to build a MediaWiki-compatible platform to avoid having to rely on predatory or poorly designed MOOC platforms.

My aim is to take advantage of the modularity and CC-BY-SA licensing policy of this potential platform to enroll institutional and academic partners into a global project that would benefit to any Wikipedia-based course, especially in Academia.


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15 min
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No, but linked to and complementary to this Wikimania presentation
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