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This submission has been accepted for WikiConference North America 2018.

5 ways Wiki Education has championed equity in 2018 - and tips for building inclusivity into your work
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Inclusion & Diversity
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Samantha Weald
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Samantha (Wiki Ed) / Airickson
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Wiki Education

In this presentation, I will share how Wiki Education is committed to building equity into our organization's foundation. Learning from our successes and failures over the past 5 years, I'll recommend tips to other community members as they develop more inclusive projects.

  1. I'll start by discussing how explicitly including equity as a pillar of our 3-year strategy has opened up new avenues and opportunities for Wiki Education staff to develop equity-related projects. For example, thanks to our clear purpose, several staff spent the summer training 20+ scholars how to add biographies of women scientists to Wikipedia.
  2. Building specific goals into our annual plan to impact Wikipedia's underrepresented content has led to our program participants adding more representative information to Wikipedia. Thanks to our partnership with the National Women's Studies Association and dedication to advancing their initiative, we have supported 228 courses focused on women’s and gender studies. These 5,000 students have contributed over 3.5 million words to Wikipedia articles about marginalized and underrepresented communities.
  3. Our staff have developed inclusive resources and training materials, and are committed to making our online and technical tools accessible to all potential users. For example, we build accessibility into our technology, making it user-friendly and technically accessible to users with disabilities.
  4. I’ll describe the processes and tools that have helped us deliver on our goals, including ways we’ve used our blog to share over 30 stories in 2018 about improving Wikipedia's coverage of women and other underrepresented communities.
  5. Together, we'll consider ways Wiki Education plans to continue making Wikipedia more equitable, and attendees can use the opportunity to share ideas with our team to work toward this goal.

Attendees will get a glimpse into how Wiki Education operates, will walk away with tips for implementing equity into your work, and will have the opportunity to suggest other ideas about how we can amplify our impact on Wikipedia's representation.

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30 minutes
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