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This submission has been accepted for WikiConference North America 2018.

Collaborative Transcription of Multilanguage Texts using ProofreadPage in Wikisource: Best Practices and Areas for Improvement
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Aharon N. Varady
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the Open Siddur Project
Open-source tools for collaborative online transcription remain limited a decade after the ProofreadPage extension became one of the features of working in Wikisource. But how many lessons have been learned from implementations of ProofreadPage outside of Wikimedia, and what can be learned and integrated from the user experience and interface of closed source crowdsourcing tools like Zooinverse? What technical and local Wikisource community hurdles need to be met in order to build successful online collaboration for a transcription project. This workshop should introduce users to the ProofreadPage interface for the transcription of a book provided in two languages. Commentary will be offered as to how to handle difficulties, along with how these challenges have been recognized and met in other online collaborative transcription environments.
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