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This submission has been accepted for WikiConference North America 2018.

Wiki Mapping Freedom
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Relationship building & support, Editor Recruitment & Retention, Inclusion & Diversity, Tech & Tools
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panel and workshop
darold cuba
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Wikipedia Fellow and the Wikimedian-In-Residence at Columbia University, Columbia University Oral History Masters of Arts candidate

AfroCROWD, Wikimedia NYC

  1. MappingFreedom is my grad thesis at Columbia’s Oral History Masters program where I'm a Wikipedia Fellow and the Wikimedian-In-Residence. We're building a digital database and interactive, multimedia GIS & Wiki-enabled map and Oral History Archive of all of the #FreedomColonies on the planet, using Wikimedia tools and platform (

Freedom colonies are the communities of targeted people that formed immediately as a response to Western settler-colonialism. From the palenques, quilombos, and maroon colonies in Colombia, Brazil, and Jamaica and the rest of Latin America and the Caribbean including Haiti, to the “black/brown “freedmen” settlements" in North America, Australia, Africa and Asia - wherever Western cultures invaded during its colonial era - the targeted peoples (of genocide, racialized “one-drop” chattel slavery, racism, White Supremacy) defended themselves by creating “colonies of freedom.” (More at

I’m proposing a panel of freedom colony descendant, scholars and interested parties (of which I am all three), the AfroCROWD leadership, WhoseKnowledge and other such interested parties, and Wikimedia leadership, tech and data analytics team, and other interested parties, to explore/discuss how Wikipedia can help create such a database and map, and the best practices to do so, while also exploring barriers, (for example why isn’t there a list already on Wikipedia.) After the panel, I’m proposing a workshop where interested parties can immediately start working to contribute to the initial freedom colonies article, and then creating new articles for colonies that don’t have them, and contributing to ones that already exist, especially stubs. Data analytics, GIS, and others with corroborating technology skills can start to create and maintain the database that will house the list, and the mapping apparatus to locate all of the freedom colonies on the planet.

This adds to the diversity and inclusion efforts of Wikipedia and the Wikimedia foundation, creating equitable content that can then be showcased to invite diverse editors and contributors to contributors to the Wiki platform amplifying AfroCROWD’s efforts and others who engage in such efforts.

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45 panel, 75 minute workshop

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projector for short (5-7 min deck)

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thinking 25-50 ppl

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