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Due to limited space, WikiConference North America 2019 unfortunately could not accommodate this submission in its program this year.
Please check out our Unconference for opportunities to present and share there.


A Match Made in Heaven: WikiCOIL


Inclusion and Diversity

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This presentation aims to introduce WikiCOIL international collaborations and to discuss the ways in which this partnership may enhance inclusion and diversity on wiki. Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) is a teaching method that connects geographically remote classrooms digitally in order to enhance students’ intercultural communication, give an international dimension to their course content, and enable collaborative knowledge production across national, cultural, and linguistic borders.

The presentation on the benefits and challenges of WikiCOIL will use examples from a Fall 2019 Wikipedia collaboration and discuss knowledge production between students at LaGuardia Community College-CUNY in New York City, USA, and students at Peter The Great Polytechnic University in St. Petersburg, Russia. The discussion will illuminate synergies and friction points between Wiki and COIL, as well as suggest productive ways they can enhance each other’s pedagogical premises and improve diversity on wiki.

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Ximena Gallardo C., Olga Aksakalova, Nikita Ivannikov

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Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL), City University of New York, LaGuardia Community College, Wikimedia NYC

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20 minutes

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Room with computer/projector so as to show slides and videos

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