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Building a Wikidata Curriculum


Editor Recruitment & Retention

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Wikidata continues to receive increased attention from all over the world. There are numerous projects that implement Wikidata, Wikibase or rely on data from either. Wikidata contains may parts and tools like its query service, Wikibase, and skins like Reasonator and SQID. It is flexible, open, and adaptable, which has resulted in some wonderful tools, amazing research, and excellent case studies. Still, it is difficult to learn Wikidata. There are some thoughtful learning resources that already exist, but Wikidata is constantly changing, along with the constellation of tools that make Wikidata so powerful.

This session will try to answer the question: how do we teach Wikidata? We want to look at existing teaching resources about Wikidata and build a robust curriculum to meet the needs of Wikidata's many users. This may result in a few curricula or one with many branches. Having more learning tools about Wikidata will improve editor recruitment, retention, and act as a resource for existing editors to refresh themselves on new concepts or learn something entirely new. By the end of this workshop we hope to leave attendees (and the community) with notes, documentation, and outlines to create more educational resources for Wikidata.

This workshop will consist of an orientation to existing resources, a brainstorming session, and time to report out brainstorming results.

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Will Kent

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Will (Wiki Ed)

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Wiki Education

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