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Lettuce Into the Meal: A SNAC Update


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If you're hungry for more after last year's introduction to SNAC (Social Networks and Archival Context) [1] this session is for you. Whet your appetite with updates of our system, new members, new features, and new ways to use the tool. We'll focus on API and Open Refine for the main course. SNAC was developed to address the archival diaspora by allowing archivists, librarians, and scholars to jointly maintain information about the people documented in archival collections. By demonstrating the feasibility of separating the description of persons, families, and organizations from the description of the historical resources that are the primary evidence of their lives and work. SNAC has the power to link “creators to creators” in context provided by librarians and archivists. Learn about how we use Wikidata and Wikipedia and how SNAC can be useful for your institution and editing.


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Dina Herbert and Robbie Hott

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National Archives and Records Administration, University of Virginia

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25 minutes

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WikiConference North America 2018

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