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This submission has been accepted for WikiConference North America 2019.


Quarry tutorial: Using SQL to get info about wikis


Relationship Building & Support
+ Tech & Tools

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This will be an introduction to SQL, with a specific focus on using to do data analysis about Wikimedia wikis. It is hoped that this tutorial will especially be helpful to people involved in doing outreach so they can run stats to see how successful various activities are.

Participants do not need any previous experience with SQL or programming, but should have at least a basic understanding of how to edit Wikipedia. It is recommended but not required that participants bring laptops so they can try things out throughout the workshop.

By the end of the workshop, participants would for example, know how to:

  • Given a list of users, see how many edits they have made in a specific time frame (e.g. Check to see if people stay active after an event)
  • Given a specific category, see how many edits there are to pages in that category over time (e.g. To see if an event made a noticeable difference in the editing pattern of some articles, and did the effect persist)
  • TODO: Come up with more examples that would be especially relevant to this audience.


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Brian Wolff

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60 min

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It could perhaps fit in an unconference session