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Relying on Wikipedia in Higher Education: Addressing Stigma and Misconceptions


Reliability of Information

Type of session:

Round Table


Millions of people rely on Wikipedia on a daily basis; yet, the site is often dismissed in higher education for its perceived lack of credibility and reliability. In this roundtable session, two faculty from the University of Southern California (USC) will facilitate discussion on common concerns and perceptions with using Wikipedia in higher education settings.

Questions to address include:
What are common misconceptions about Wikipedia’s reliability?
Do instructors in higher education hold Wikipedia to a higher standard than scholarly publications, news outlets, and other sources of information?
How does Wikipedia’s editing system compare to traditional scholarly peer review?
What can be done to reduce stigma and increase trust in university settings?

The facilitators will share the progress they have made with addressing Wikipedia stigma at USC. The session will close with attendees participating in thoughtful discourse on ways to overcome common misconceptions.

While the focus of this roundtable is higher education, attendees who are outside academia are welcome and encouraged to attend.

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Sarah Mojarad and Helen Choi

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University of Southern California

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45 - 60 minutes

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