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Due to limited space, WikiConference North America 2019 unfortunately could not accommodate this submission in its program this year.
Please check out our Unconference for opportunities to present and share there.


Using Wikimedia Commons images for publication


Reliability of Information
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Wikimedia Commons has a collection of 56,102,455 freely usable media files.

So you want to use a photograph from Commons for publication, but you are unsure of the correct attribution. Or maybe you want to use one of your own images on Wikipedia, or someone has asked you to release the rights to one of your images.

This will cover:

  • open source licensing
  • how to attribute photos in your publication
  • some examples from publications

Releasing the rights to one of your own photos, or asking someone else for a photo

  • releasing your own images
  • copyright
  • type of license to use
  • the OTRS ticket system
  • uploading an image for use on Wikipedia

This is geared to those who are new to Wikipedia or Wikimedia Commons and will show you the policy and how it is implemented, including examples of current practices.

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Avery Jensen

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Wikimedia DC

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20-25 minutes

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15-25 people

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