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Due to limited space, WikiConference North America 2019 unfortunately could not accommodate this submission in its program this year.
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WikiCarbon Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) Database


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WikiCarbon is launching a MediaWiki under a free license for the public domain that will enable the public to compile carbon emissions data on all goods and services (products). We chose a MediaWiki because this platform enables us to maximize all of the following: Reliability, transparency, and accessibility.

Currently, there is no comprehensive, consolidated product carbon footprint (PCF) database -- for all products being sold – that is readily available to consumers; and which enables reliable PCF cross-comparison. Multiple institutions and organizations have compiled various types of emissions datasets[1]; however, they have not focused on PCFs and/or are not delivering the PCFs via a platform that enhances accessibility and reliability.

WikiCarbon has determined that a product carbon footprint (PCF) database is the most relevant type of database/dataset for individuals to: Inform themselves about the emissions intensity of various lifestyle choices. Consumers interact with products every day (e.g., food, beverage, transportation, electronics, etc.), and products are often the single/primary point of exchange between a company and a consumer. As such, PCFs are a great place to start this dialogue (conversation).

A MediaWiki dedicated to compiling PCF data is very much in-line with the Wikimedia Foundation’s mission(s) to disseminate educational content globally. While the singular focus of WikiCarbon currently is compiling PCF emissions data: Other types of emissions data, and/or other environmental data, can and may be made available on WikiCarbon – including educational content like alternative methods for cross-comparison, embodied emissions, emissions and energy, etc.

In the presentation, WikiCarbon will address topics including: (1) Benefit(s) to consumers from a Product-focus; (2) What a MediaWiki provides that other platforms do not or cannot; (2) How we can scale compilation in rapid sequence; and (4) How a MediaWiki facilitates, above all, data reliability (see: Rule 6: Cite, cite, cite).

We would like to discuss with the audience: Strengths and weaknesses of a MediaWiki; improving data reliability (verification); other potential affiliates, in addition to Wikipedia; best ways to attract contributors; how we can support and/or collaborate with Wikimedia editors; and to answer any questions from the audience.

Sincerely, Alexander

[1] National and/or global emissions (World Bank, OECD, WRI, etc.); Third-party life cycle and emissions factors (IPCC, Athena Institute, Bath Inventory (ICE), Defra, Ecoinvent, etc); Corporate emissions (Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) the most established); and Other datasets (; Appropedia,

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Alexander G. Frantzen

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10-15 minutes presentation; the remainder for discussion.

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