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This submission is welcome as an Unconference session at WikiConference North America 2021.


Custodians of Knowledge in the Climate Crisis


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The climate crisis is the challenge of our generation, but figuring out how to help can feel daunting and complicated. We also know that in the climate crisis, the manipulation of scientific truth has been an active front in the war to protect a thriving, liveable planet for all humanity.

To date, the Wikipedia community has played a crucial role in presenting clear information on climate change – the science, the impacts, the politics, and the ambition called for by physical science. This year, the IPCC released its latest report demonstrating that the world is on an unsustainable path to accelerated warming. There is much more education to do. The time is now to double down on community commitment to clear, factual, and locally tailored information on the climate crisis.

At Teams for a Better Planet, we run workshops to educate teams about climate solutions and empower individuals with the tools they need to put these solutions into action in their personal and professional lives. We have designed an hour-long workshop geared towards Wikipedia editors about the role in which knowledge curation has played and will play in building a climate safe future.

Climate change is THE global issue. It will define our generation. Yet every solution must be implemented locally. Our presentation of knowledge must reflect this.

This workshop will include brief presentations on the “State of the Climate” and climate solutions. The majority of the time will be spent on a collaborative brainstorm of how to integrate this global issue into place-based or company encyclopedia entries through the incorporation of localized climate solutions and impacts into Wikipedia pages. By the end of the session, we aim to collectively identify best practices and recommendations for weaving climate content into a more diverse swath of pages on Wikipedia sites.

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Frances Sawyer & Katie Barrett

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Teams for a Better Planet

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60 min

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Hosted a climate conversation at the 2019 Decentralized Web Camp

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