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Decolonizing Wikipedia


Global & Local

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Northwestern University in Qatar (NU-Q) students have provided additional content on Wikipedia to give voice to underrepresented people and topics from the Global South for the past two years in a class on intercultural and international communication. The students submitted and edited English-language entries on cultural, social, and political topics related to the Global South. The aim of this project is to “to decolonize Wikipedia” by contributing content on regions that have historically suffered from a lack of representation in academia, media, and the online world. Not only are issues concerning the Global South not well addressed on Wikipedia, but they are also in need of improvement,” she said, stressing that NU-Q students are uniquely positioned to lead on efforts to introduce and translate content about the region as multilingual writers and researchers from the region. In this presentation I will be talking about the lessons learned from this project, the challenges, and the opportunities.

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Banu Akdenizli

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Northwestern University Qatar

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20-30 minutes

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