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Engaging the next Generation of Wikipedians with Growth features


Recent Changes, Technology

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The Wikimedia Foundation's Growth Team ( has been working to enhance the onboarding experience for new editors and to increase editor retention rates on Wikipedia. In this session, we will explore how the WMF Growth Team can further support communities in welcoming and nurturing new editors, ultimately creating a vibrant and diverse group of Wikipedians who will shape the future of the Wikimedia movement.

We will provide an overview of the existing tools developed by the WMF Growth Team to support new editors, such as the Newcomer homepage, Help panel, Suggested edits, and Mentorship. Participants will gain insights into how these initiatives have impacted new editor onboarding and editor retention rates. We’ll share data from our recent Positive reinforcement project, and our long-term strategies for sustaining the growth and development of new Wikipedians.

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Kirsten Stoller

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Wikimedia Foundation

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30 minutes

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