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WikiConference North America 2023 unfortunately could not accommodate this submission in its program this year.


Future of the Community Wishlist Survey



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Community Wishlist Survey is an annual survey organized by the Wikimedia Foundation to gather technical proposals from communities across various projects. The Community Tech team then builds targeted solutions for selected proposals that are most-voted to address the needs of the editors. This process has existed since 2015, and even though it has led to the development of several essential features, the process has largely remained the same. Over the years, we have witnessed a continuous influx of new projects, more community members joining, and significant growth as a movement. As a natural consequence, our needs have also expanded alongside these developments, leaving the community wishlist survey in dire need of change to make it sustainable and efficient in the longer run.

The team responsible for conducting the survey and implementing solutions at Wikimedia Foundation has reflected this past year on the future of wishlist surveys. This session will be part lecture & discussion style - It will introduce participants to the new changes coming to the Community Wishlist Survey and lessons learned from past editions. It will then engage participants in brainstorming discussions on the proposed changes and gather feedback on improvements for future iterations:

a) How can we improve the wishlist process to maximize its impact on the Wikimedia communities?

b) How can we make the Wishlist process more welcoming to participants from underrepresented communities?

c) How do we engage the community & staff in collaborative problem-pitching, discussing solutions, and even implementing them beyond the survey phase?

For more on the Community Wishlist process, see

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Srishti Sethi, Leon Ziemba

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Wikimedia Foundation

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We want to request a room that supports both a lecture and a roundtable format for running the session.

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Livestreaming is okay

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