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WikiConference North America 2023 unfortunately could not accommodate this submission in its program this year.


Open Future Design Workshop


Recent Changes, Wild Ideas

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Together with workshop participants, we will co-develop a Design Pattern Language for envisioning, exploring, and enacting the future. In the Minnesota 2050 project, participants were selected from a variety of professions and leadership roles to produce scenarios for local energy and land use, and combined modelling with scenario planning (Olabisi et al., 2010). Addressing the world’s largest problems requires both new ways to bridge between the viewpoints and skill-sets of, e.g., professional futurists, programmers, data scientists, local farmers—and to draw on the insights of citizen scientists (Wildschut, 2017). To engage with this complexity, we have proposed to use and develop a collection of (“virtual”) patterns of patterns that work fluently across domains, levels, and spheres of endeavor (Corneli et al., 2021). A shorter version of this workshop introducing the concepts was done at Wikimania 2023 (Video on YouTube). It draws on previous workshops we did at the:

We describe more about the workshops in our draft paper currently submitted to PLoP 2023 "Patterns of Patterns II"

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Charles Jeffrey Danoff

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Mr. Danoff's Teaching Laboratory

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60 to 90 minutes

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2023 Wikimania, 2022 Anticipation Conference, 2021 Pattern Languages of Programming Conference, 2021 Oxford Brookes University Creative Industry Festival, 2021 Connected Learning Summit

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Livestreaming is okay

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