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My name is Stephen E Slevinski Jr. I usually go by Steve or Slevinski. I am a member of the Center for Sutton Movement Writing, the non-profit that promotes SignWriting as a way to write any sign language. We provide free information and tools so that anyone who wants to write their sign language on paper or computer can leap ahead in their development. We are primarily early adopters, with an early majority forming in Brazil. On the computer, our technology works cross-platform and cross-browser.

I am the creator of Formal SignWriting, a mathematical character model that is a faithful encoding of Sutton SignWriting. The formal specification has been stable for 5 years and is currently documented in draft-slevinski-signwriting-text.

The technology is functional, but requires some special integration. Fortunately, thanks to modern day browser technology, a half-dozen kilobytes of HTML, CSS, and optional JavaScript is all that is needed to fully support the script.

I'm planning to attend the entire WikiConference, including pre and post activities.

I will be creating several submissions. Some for myself, some for others.

Writing the American Sign Language Wikipedia on Incubator (Presentation)

Reimagining the sign language user interface for mobile and desktop (Workshop)

Currently, the user interface for sign languages on Incubator is functional for desktop, but not available on mobile. This workshop will focus on issues of usability and availability of the sign language user interface. Additionally, the issue of migration outside of Incubator will be addressed.

  • Review what is available: (10 minutes)
  • General discussion about areas of work (10 minutes)
  • Break into small groups of 3 to 5 (30 minutes)
  • Each group presents ideas (15 minutes)
  • General discussion with action items (10 minutes)

Moving forward with sign language projects in Formal SignWriting (Presentation)

I presented an early version during the SignWriting Symposium 2016. I will update the presentation for WikiConference

Animating the ASL Wikipedia for Deaf Education (Presentation)

By Jason Nesmith This presentation will discuss the value of animation when learning SignWriting. The presentation will also discuss the process by which the animation is possible.

Free Culture and Sutton SignWriting (Lightning Talk)

Formal SignWriting is a specification that is free to use officially submitted to the IETF. The TrueType fonts are available with a free license (SIL Open Font Licnese). The latest software tools and projects are available under a free license (MIT). The free culture movement for written sign language is widespread and growing fast.