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Hi Dominic:

Let me respond to your comment on my Wikiconference submission. I note that both you and your wife work with archiving of information for museums and libraries. That's very important work so maybe you might have a special interest in the integrity of this process and with the accuracy of Wikipedia.
First of all, the allegation present on my block record that I have threatened or harassed anyone is utterly false. Along with BLP, SYN, OR, and TROLL, I have repeatedly challenged the BASC to produce even one example of any such transgression and they never have. The blocks implemented on the Kercher topic were part of a concerted effort to remove only those with a POV opposed by a group of European administrators who were convinced of Knox and Sollecito's guilt.
Here is an off-Wiki article I have written which outlines the problems with the present MoMK article. Here are some of my reliable sources. Here are some of Jimmy's comments. Here is a the petition I authored and some of the signers. Here is some criticism of the Wikipedia article by RS Candace Dempsey and by retired FBI agent Steve Moore.
Here is an another article I wrote about a congressional briefing in 2013 sponsored by Sen. Maria Cantwell that included two FBI agents and an American Judge. One of the FBI agents was John E. Douglas, one of America's leading experts on homicide investigations. All three are currently banned from the Wikipedia article.
Now about threats. Here is a Signpost article that names me and talks about Jimmy's response to my petition. Note that it gives credibility to a website called Truejustice dot org (TJMK) run by New Jersey resident Peter Quennell. That site deals in hard-core hate speech. As documented below the main posters there have made specific and credible death threats against Amanda Knox and her supporters.
The journalist Nina Burleigh has written an important book about the Kercher case and is considered by all to be a RS. In this Time article she documents emails from Quennell that quote him as saying he would "train his scope on my apartment" and ask "how are the kiddies?" The best selling author and RS Douglas Preston talks of other threats in his Kindle single about the case. He quotes the Wikipedia editor BRMull as saying "That's right Steve Moore. I'm talking about you're daughter. BRMull plays for keeps." Steve Moore is a retired FBI agent who has made at least two dozen appearances on all the major networks to talk about the case.
Here is an article on TJMK that accuses me and others of paid editing. The allegation is utterly false.
Quennell has run the TJMK site as a virtually full time job for nearly seven years. Another blogger with close to 1000 entries on TJMK is a guy named Grahame Rhodes (AKA Grimbal). These two entries by him constitute straight forward threats of hate related killings. (Search for "Rhodes" and "Grimbal" to see them). Please note also this article written on the TJMK site by a person named Gwaendar who identifies himself as a long time "Wikipedia editor." He is in fact an administrator who has implemented numerous blocks on the topic. The editor BRMull with over 300 MoMK edits, has also written three articles there. Both Rhodes and Quennell are not Wikipedia editors and Wikipedia has no obligation to correct problems outside of their borders. My concern is that a Signpost article about me has given this site credibility and that an administrator who BTW accused me of threats has posted an article there.
I hope that you will take a look at this.
PS. Separate subject. In preparation for this communication I took at look at a subject relating to the National Archives and I stumbled across an issue that I now see as the second biggest flaw in Wikipedia content. There are major questions surrounding the actions of the family of Martin Luther King Jr. regarding the large sums they seek for the use of his words and papers. Circa 2000 the US was close to paying $20 million to his family for his papers, although it looks like that never happened. I'm not seeing proper discussion of that issue in Wikipedia.

PhanuelB (talk) 16:21, 3 September 2015 (EDT)

I am not personally involved in judging the submissions, but I did make a comment I felt was relevant. If you feel you need to defend yourself from allegations that are apparent in your block history (that were not made by me, only observed), please direct that to the conference's program committee rather than my talk page. I think the fact that you decided to do research on myself and my wife doesn't exactly help your case, though. Dominic (talk) 17:13, 3 September 2015 (EDT)
The information I alluded to is from your Wikipedia user page. Was there anything wrong with reading that or referencing it? I think you've got a great mission going, unlike many government employees who often don't. Sorry if I offended you. PhanuelB (talk)
Okay, I didn't mean to make it into a big deal. I was just reacting to you commenting on me personally, which seemed unnecessary, but I do understand it wasn't anything secret. Dominic (talk) 19:33, 3 September 2015 (EDT)