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WikiConference North America
Indianapolis — 3-6 October 2024
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Scholarship applications are now open!


This year, there will be only one call for scholarships.

  • Scholarship application opens: May 1, 2024
  • Scholarship application closes: May 31, 2024


You must live in North America to be eligible for a scholarship. Applications from outside North America will be rejected.

Scholarship types

We offer two types of scholarships:

  • Full scholarship (accommodation and travel cost)
  • Partial scholarship (accommodation or travel cost)

You may also select "I am applying for a full scholarship, but would be able to attend if awarded a partial scholarship."

Evaluation process

You will be asked a number of questions on your contributions to the Wikimedia movement from which your application will be assessed by the scholarship committee.

Scholarship applicants will be notified of their outcome after the scholarship committee evaluates their application. For those that have been successful, we will then be in further contact about booking accommodation and travel arrangement.

Scholarship information

Registration fee and lunches on conference days are included for all scholarship recipients. Meals on pre-conference days and breakfasts/dinners on conference days are not covered. We also do not cover visa costs nor local travel cost from the place of your residence/hotel to airport, train and bus station (or vice versa). Other incidentals or sundry costs are not covered.

All scholarship recipients are expected to volunteer in parts of the conference. Volunteer roles include trust & safety, registration, logistics, programming, facilitating session, translation, photography and others. The role will be coordinated by the Volunteer Coordinator at a later date, after scholarships have been assigned.

Scholarship recipients that include accommodation will stay at an [accommodation to be determined]. To afford as many scholarships as possible, we expect scholarship recipients to share a room with two beds with another scholarship recipient. Exceptions could be made on a case-by-case basis.