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Reimagining the sign language user interface for mobile and desktop
Technology & Infrastructure
Academic Peer Review option
Type of submission
Stephen E Slevinski Jr
E-mail address
The Center for Sutton Movement Writing
Currently, the user interface for sign languages on Incubator is functional for desktop, but not available on mobile. This workshop will focus on issues of usability and availability of the sign language user interface. Additionally, the issue of migration outside of Incubator will be addressed.
Anyone who is interested in helping with sign language projects is encouraged to attend. We need people with all levels of knowledge and ability. Knowledge of a sign language or SignWriting is not required to make a meaningful contribution.
The purpose of the workshop is to help move development forward by coming up with ideas, identifying the issues, and working towards a better user interface experience.
The workshop will be structured to focus the entire group on task and to allow for smaller groups to work on different aspects of the problem.
  • Review what is available: (10 minutes)
  • General discussion about areas of work (10 minutes)
  • Break into small groups of 3 to 5 (30 minutes)
  • Each group presents ideas (15 minutes)
  • General discussion with action items (10 minutes)
Initially, the ASL Wikipedia was hosted on Wikimedia Labs with a custom installation of the MediaWiki software using the SignWriting MediaWiki Plugin. Once the plugin was rewritten as a gadget, it was made available on Wikimedia Incubator. The SignWriting Gadget initially was view only. Since then, Yair Rand has expanded the gadget with a custom skin and a built in keyboard editor. The SignWriting Gadget has been moved to the global space for security reasons.
SignWriting requires the vertical writing mode, which is not currently available within MediaWiki software. A request for comment about the vertical writing mode for MediaWiki software has been created.
There are many areas to investigate and many opportunities for individuals to make significant contributions which will benefit the sign language users around the world that wish to contribute to Wikipedia and to the other Wikimedia projects.

Length of presentation
75 minutes
Preferred room size
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  2. Minh Nguyễn 💬 01:38, 1 September 2016 (EDT)
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