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This submission has been accepted for WikiConference North America 2018.

Comparative Course Experiences Through Wiki Educational Foundation
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Two Themes: Relationship Building & Support and Inclusion & Diversity
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Dr. Megan E. Osterbur
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New England College

Utilizing Wikipedia as a core aspect of teaching pedagogy has well documented benefits (McDowell 2016). In this paper I expand upon the prior large-N data survey analysis of the benefits of Wikipedia via examining case studies of four courses across two distinct colleges. Engaging college students has the capacity to increase the diversity of Wikipedia editors and make the Wikipedia environment more inclusive, though this may vary by course and institution type. Relying on my own experience teaching with the Wiki Educational Foundation Dashboard at both an Historically Black College and University (HBCU) and at predominantly White institution (PWI), I explicate the distinct contributions and challenges of teaching in both environments. The former may be expected to increase the diversity of Wikipedia to a greater extent than the latter but the relative diversity within a classroom can also have disparate impacts on student page selection and peer review processes. In addition, different institutional contexts, the specific course varied with minority politics courses at the HBCU assigned to develop Wikipedia pages and international politics courses assigned to develop Wikipedia pages at the PWI. More consistent across course and institutional contexts was the preponderance of cis-women students of traditional college age (18-24) as contributors, thus this paper will also examine the role of women contributors as a distinct voice community.

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