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This submission has been noted and is pending review for WikiConference North America 2018.

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Relationship Building & Support
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Lane Rasberry
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rasberry@virginia.edu -->
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University of Virginia
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75 minutes
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This workshop targets educators who want to review the best identified options for using Wikidata as an education tool for university students, and who are not familiar with using Wikidata themselves.

Suddenly and urgently, the ability to work with structured data is becoming a necessary skill set in every field of study. While in the past educators have explained data analysis using small curated data sets, Wikidata presents the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of data science with a popular data set which everyone already uses through Google, Apple, Amazon, and other consumers. Uniquely, the Wikidata community is highly conscience of its social impact and is the leading advocate for free and open data, taking responsibility for its impact, giving credit where it is due, and protecting the commons. Using examples from Wikidata can make the understanding of data science in ways that arbitrary and theoretical examples cannot. Also students can actually contribute meaningfully to Wikidata.

This workshop will begin with a short presentation that educators can use to make the case for Wikidata in their own institution. It follows with a condensed overview of data science for beginners using Wikidata examples to explain the topics. As a group we will broadly review hundreds of distinct activities which a person may do in Wikidata in the context of how these activities can complement learning goals about working with datasets and Wikidata's place as an open data set in all fields of academia.

In the limited time of this workshop and considering that Wikidata is challenging to use, the remainder of the workshop will be a cycle of exercises, each a few minutes long, which an educator might present to a student group with limited time and short attention spans. Each exercise will teach both a broad concept in data science and a particular skill for engaging in Wikidata.

Participants in this workshop will gain the following:

  1. Wikidata ways for explaining beginner concepts in data science
  2. Experience using Wikidata workflows to accomplish distinct practical functions
  3. A script for presenting short Wikidata concepts themselves in their own institutions
  4. Understanding of options to ask for support in Wikidata peer support channels
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