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Wikidata's WikiProject Patents

  • Jarekt showed me how to run a QuickStatement to create new patent items
  • I will start to upload more and more
  • We have some basic standards on how to record a filing date, a grant date,
  • Page title can be of this form: Patent US-1906-827017, Patent CA-1914-153820 -- or another form if the editor prefers
  • instance of (P31): Use patent (Q253623) or U.S. Patent (Q43305660) to assert that this item is a patent.
  • Country where filed: Here are three options; freely use any or all. They express slightly different things.
    • Use issued by (P2378) and identify the office with which the patent was filed -- generally a bureau that is an instance of patent office (Q1148446)).
    • Use applies to jurisdiction (P1001) and then the Q-number of the national government/country.
    • Use country (P17) and then the Q-number of the national government/country. It does not need to be a country that still exists. This technique is perhaps more flexible, and it will be necessary to use this option if it is not known what bureau received the patent application.
  • Filing date:
  • Grant date:
  • Applicant(s) -- there's always at least one ; can include company or university or government lab
  • Inventors: Zero or more; Might like to mark their order -- some are notable enough for wikidata, others just name strings
  • Title
  • Patent number
  • Page title on Wikidata
  • Parent patent or child patent
  • Assignee
  • Pointer to URL somewhere with more information, possibly the full text and diagrams -- THERE IS NO ONE PERFECT SITE FOR THIS
Possible good outcome of getting these basics into Wikidata
AGBell article lower section with authority control.png
  • some patents could/should be transcribed onto Wikisource