2019/Grants/configuraciones del movimiento: el Hip Hop dance y el Flying low como tecnicas de entrenamiento para bailarines

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configuraciones del movimiento: el Hip Hop dance y el Flying low como tecnicas de entrenamiento para bailarines


livia labrador

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instagram @liviavirginia1

Geographical impact:

The impact of this project may have no borders, it is intended to generate digital content that allows these practices to reach any part of the world, however, the first face-to-face pilot will be carried out in Venezuela, specifically in Merida by the Universidad de los Andes and from the Experimental University of the Arts

Type of project:

Research + Output

What is your idea?

the realization of this project is based on the research needs that are born from the conjugation of some dance techniques such as Hip Hop dance and flying Low, in order to generate and provide benefits in terms of performance, creativity and body development of the dancers. This research seeks to delve into the minds and emotions of the participants, in order to provide them with the greatest well-being and learning of movement techniques.

Why is it important?

in an immense sea a drop of water may not make a difference, but if that drop is missing, the sea would be incomplete and if also, every day drops and drops are lost, there will be a day where there will be no more sea. When dance was born as a research science, drops and drops of resources and knowledge were added that have contributed to the fact that today this art is founded and can provide spaces for creation to many art makers. This may be one of the many investigations of dance, however it seeks to add not only a physical resource but also a literary one that supports and supports the formation of the dancers.

Is your project already in progress?

This research was born at the end of 2019, it has been kept ongoing through personal research and the constant laboratory, working with the body as a means of expression leads to maintaining a disciplinary regime that allows the permanence of actions, for For this reason, this project remains ongoing and it is of personal intention that it continues to advance in time, which implies that its completion could be the beginning of a next stage, a stage with greater evolution and maturity.

How is it relevant to credibility and Wikipedia? (max 500 words)

It will provide new lines of research within dance, which will be supported under body laboratories through audiovisual, for dance researchers it is often complex to find resources on web portals that provide substance to our profession, I trust that with the help that They can supply this project, it will be carried out in such a way that it offers a very good reference material.

What is the ultimate impact of this project?

The aim is to generate the technical and intellectual foundations for the realization of workshops or workshops where it is possible to share and generate a training and learning environment for the community of dancers, it also has to create spaces of help for those communities that are most affected by social factors. that prevent them from having a moment of healthy dispersion and creativity, which will surely bring us closer to sectors vulnerable to vices, such as children and adolescents.

Could it scale?

Of course, it is a project that can be constantly on the rise, from the research line to the participants and contributors of wisdom.

Why are you the people to do it?

When I started dancing many times it was so complex to be able to find the right orientation, this was mainly because I am from a country where any progress comes years behind, in view of this I did not want to stay in conformity with what I was taught in One hour of class only, there began my roll of researcher, I consider that to be able to teach with teaching and real empathy something you must feel love towards it. When dance touched my life I simply changed it, and for good, that is why I would like to be a conductor of that love for other people, what way of seeing and doing the dance can reach others and heal them as it has healed me. I think the passion that this generates for me goes beyond a monetary reward, it seeks to reach and change re...

What is the impact of your idea on diversity and inclusiveness of the Wikimedia movement?

My project intends to link, under technical and sensitive terms, two worlds within dance, contemporary dance coexisting with urban and vice-versa dance, two worlds that encompass different types of dancers but that with this research could have a meeting point.

What are the challenges associated with this project and how you will overcome them?

The greatest challenge would be the audiovisual development that supports the project, this difficulty is tied to the monetary, since to carry this out, it would be necessary to acquire some implements that help us with the recording and editing of the same.

Another challenge would be to maintain discipline, strength and endurance, this can certainly be solved by being able to eat well, which at the moment in the country where I reside makes it so difficult to do so. I am from Venezuela, a country where the newspaper is worked and many times you cannot have a balanced diet

and lastly, the power of combo for the workshops that would be held in the final stage if the social distancing measures are followed. However, this was not a reason to stop individual training from home. so the study material during this time has been further enriched

How much money are you requesting?

between $ 4,000 to $ 8,000 would be necessary, my money change would be to sovereign bolivares (venezuela)

How will you spend the money?

This money would allow me to acquire technical equipment, such as cameras, lights, a computer for editing the videos, cover food during the months of project development, pay the recording and editing staff, rent the spaces for the realization of workshops, travel expenses and biathics for spaces that will be visited as part of the workshop tour

How long will your project take?

for its concretion approximately 7 months, Another detail of this investigation is that the material can be taken to Spanish and English for a greater scope.

Have you worked on projects for previous grants before?