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Community, Outreach
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Addis Wang
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Wikimedia User Group China

There are all kinds of offline outreach organized by the local communities around the world regarding Wikimedia movement. Among all the various types of outreach procedures, general audience outreach is very popular and easy to do, especially for those who have not had much experience hosting offline events. However, despite its necessity, general audience outreach has many limits.

In term of "general audience outreach", it means that the offline activity has no specific targeted audience (whoever find the event through the general publicity). It sometimes is called "intro session" or "info session".

In the workshop, I will analysis my 7-year experience of offline outreach in China and U.S. to discuss why single-session, general audience outreach has limited outcome, as well as how can we avoid problems in this kind of event. I will conduct some discussion to answer: what are some other common problems of offline outreach and how can we find a good strategy for specific communities and targeted audiences?

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30-60 minutes
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Not on Monday
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